Customised Polka Dot Bike Helmet

It’s Bike Week here in the UK and I’ve decided it’s officially OK for me to indulge in my bicycle obsession! I want to share my customised polka dot bike helmet with you today as well as a selection of pretty hand painted bike helmets.


I recently purchased a helmet in the sale in an independent bike shop here in Cambridge. £25 down from £50! But it was plain old white…..boring.


I decided to go for a gold polka dot bike helmet and promptly ordered some decals from this Etsy store. This DIY was as easy as sticking the decals on. I also added a visor to my helmet to shelter my eyes from the typical British rain.


It’s definitely cuter now! If you don’t fancy customising your bike helmet, you could get one of these fabulous ones instead. I wonder if it is OK for one to have a selection of helmets to choose from?! I am certainly getting that way with my satchels, oops!


1) Hand Painted Apple Bike Helmet / 2) Hand Painted Honeycomb Helmet

3) Sawako Furuno Ribbon Cycling Helmet / 4) Sawako Furuno Floral Helmet

5) Silver Sparkle Bike Helmet

Are you sick of me talking about bike things yet? No? One more thing – a year since the Bicycle Bracelets were launched, 250 have been made. I think they are officially the signature product now! They were even featured in this recent You Tube video by Karen Kavett which I was so chuffed about. Thank you to everyone who has purchased one!




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Instalife: Craft Partying and Bike Week

Well, it’s been a pretty busy few weeks for Claireabellemakes! Here are some of my Instagram snaps so you can see what I’ve been up to.

Instalife Claireabellemakes

Morning walk along The Backs in Cambridge / Tammy helping me blog

Starting a new Crochet project / Customising a Phone Case

Etsy Craft Party Claireabellemakes

Throwing the 2nd Cambridge Etsy Craft Party / Working on a Baby Blanket

Hair slide sale in my Etsy store! / Launching Lucky Dip bags for Claireabellemakes

Bike Week Claireabellemakes

Celebrating Bike Week with Etsy store items, the Bicycle Bracelets are popular!

Yarn Bombing a Bike Wheel for Cam Bike Fest / Screen Printing for the first time

Liberty London

Day Trip to the Migraine clinic and Liberty London / Buttons galore!

Pretty tea dresses in Liberty / A modest stationery haul for my collection

I’m so looking forward to the warm weather ahead this weekend, I need some sunshine! Although I will be sporting big shades and drinking loads of water to avoid migraines. What do you guys have planned?!

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Bike Week 2013 15-23 June

I love my bike. So this week to celebrate Bike Week 2013, I shall be sharing bicycle related posts including round ups, handmade projects, events, competitions and even new products for my store. Cycling fans you are in for a treat!

Bicycles on claireabellemakes

Bicycles in Cambridge / Claireabellemakes DIY Bike Basket Bunting

So what is Bike Week? It’s the biggest nationwide cycling event in the UK, encouraging over half a million people to join in events, rethink their everyday journeys and switch to cycling as the most convenient way to get around.

I LOVE cycling to work. Cambridge is flat as a pancake so my 3-speed dutch bike is perfect. I feel privileged to live in such a beautiful city ready made for cyclists with stunning views and routes. Cycling here makes me feel free and happy.

This weekend I want you to enjoy some amazing Bike themed finds on the internet that made me smile.



This sound architecture piece in Amsterdam is made from 5,000 repurposed bicycle bells that ring gently in the wind. Stunning.

Velodrome Cafe


Architects from Holland have designed this velodrome cafe and bike rental building in China. You could work off a slice of cake on the roof?!!

Ride A Bike Print EtsySource

This Bicycle art print by Brittany Slopey on Etsy will hopefully make a few people stop and think about the eco benefits of cycling. Is your city full of traffic?

Bicycle Flowerman

Source: Pinterest (original unknown)

Sometimes I like to fill my bike basket with flowers from the market. Not quite like this though! I can’t find the original source to this Pin, so do help me out if you know!

Do you cycle? You can check out more bicycle themed finds on my Pinterest board here.

Miss Chaela-boo is also blogging about Bike Week, so pop on over here to check out her post!