Guest Post: DIY Briolette Dangle Earrings

Happy Friday! It is the last post of my Share The Love series today and I’m excited. I came across local creative Nikki via her fab blog Bead It and Weep. Nikki shares jewellery and sewing tutorials, favourites in her music collection and snippets of her life as a mum.



These pretty earrings will give you the opportunity to learn a simple wire wrapping technique and I think they would make a great gift for mother’s day. I’ll hand over to Nikki now for her wonderful jewellery DIY!


You will need

  • x2 briolettes
  • x2 4mm round or rondelle beads
  • x 4-6 4mm jump rings
  • approx 1m 0.4mm wire
  • x2 ear wires
  • 30cm fine chain (I have 2 different types as I am using up leftover chain from shortening necklaces.)
  • x2 pairs chain nose pliers
  • x1 round nose pliers
  • x1 side cutters

 Step 1

Cut a length of wire approximately 45cm long. Thread on a briolette and slide it along about 5 cm.


Step 2

Bend the ends of the wire upwards and cross them over just above the top of the briolette.


Step 3

Keeping the wires crossed over bend the long end upwards and the short end to make a right angle with it.


Step 4

Wrap the shorter end of the wire a couple of times around the longer end. Push the end in using chain nose pliers if it is sticking out.


Step 5

Bend the wire at a 90° angle.


Step 6

Use one of the barrels of the round nose pliers to bend the wire around a create a loop.


Step 7

Wrap the wire around and around slowly moving down towards the briolette. You can be neat or messy depending on how you want your earrings to look.


Step 8

Wind the wire down so it covers the holes in the briolette and then wind the wire back up to the base of the loop. Trim any excess wire and press the end of the wire against the wrapping using a pair of chain nose pliers.


Step 9

Cut a length of chain about 3cm long and attach the loop on the wire wrapping to one end of the chain with a jump ring.


 Step 10

Cut another piece of wire about 5cm long and fold over one end to make a little ‘U’ shape.


Step 11

Thread on a 4mm bead and make a loop at the other end.


Step 12

Cut a piece of chain and attach it to the loop on the bead using a 4mm jump ring.


 Step 13

Attach the ends of the 2 chains to the loop on the bottom of the ear wire. Usually the loop can be opened with 2 pairs of chain nose if not attach them using a jump ring.


Step 14

Repeat to make another earring. Make sure you cut the chains the same lengths.


And now they are ready to wear!



Be sure to check out Nikki’s blog for even more Jewellery tutorials and why not follow her on Twitter too? I am looking forward to trying this DIY and it gives me a great excuse to visit the local bead shop. Thanks so much Nikki, it was a pleasure having you here today!



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