DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet

DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

This is the second DIY post in my friendship bracelet series. I hadn’t anticipated my DIY Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet post would be so popular, but it seems you all love a bit of nostalgic crafting! Once again I chose pretty pastel colours and added a dark pink.

Start by cutting 5 lengths of embroidery thread each around 30cm long. You can use more or less colours if you wish, but this will change the thickness of the bracelet. Tie a knot a couple of inches from the top & tape down.

DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

This bracelet uses the same knot repeated 10 times for each colour. The colour you are working with loops underneath all the other threads and back through the middle. Pull the thread up to the top. Be sure to keep the rest of the threads taut.

DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

TIP: If you want the colour blocks to be longer or shorter, just increase or decrease the amount of knots. Simple as that!

DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

After 10 knots with the dark pink thread, change to the next colour, and then the next. You will notice that the knots start to spiral around.

DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

Continue the pattern until the bracelet measures 2-3 inches (but check on your wrist!). Plait the remaining thread at each end and knot to secure.

DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

All done! Due to some follower requests, there will be a selection of friendship bracelets in my Etsy Shop shortly!

Have you done any nostalgic crafting lately?

claireabelle x

Creative Inspirations: Span Studio

Today I want to share with you a new series on the blog called Creative Inspirations. In each post I will share with you someone or something that has inspired me.

The first of the series starts with an interview with Hannah of Span Studio.

Hannah is a fantastic blogger, crafter and all round creative type. She is so supportive of others and inspired me to learn to crochet (after seeing her fab granny square journals). Sharing her story about crafting for health and wellbeing, really stuck with me, particularly as I’ve been suffering with poor health over the last two years including a lot of migraines in recent months.

Span Studio Crochet

  • Hi Hannah! Can you start by telling us how your journey with art and craft began? 

Well I went to art college about 11 years ago so I’ve had an interest in arts and crafts for a while now. Since then I dabbled in bits and bobs but would put would it back down for a long time, years sometimes. However 6 years ago everything changed as my head started to spin and it never stopped, I had to finish work and I kinda felt pretty worthless after that, then I was given a sewing box that was my grandmothers and in it there was a little broken crochet hook, I had no idea what it was but I researched it and found some youtube videos and gave it a go. The hook must have been a 2mm and it was broken in half but I spent hours crocheting the same stitch over and over and ended up with very holey, very wobbly fabric. And I loved it! I felt so proud and for that short while I wasn’t concentrating on how my head was spinning. So it all went from there. I have learned and had a go at many crafts since then but crochet is always me go to craft. It calms me.

  • What or who has been your biggest craft inspiration?

I am continually inspired by the awesome people I meet on-line and I am very lucky that most of the women in my family are creative, I have many things in my home made by those I care about from embroidery pieces to handmade bags, they inspire me.

  • You openly talk about how embracing your creativity has helped you live with health issues. What advice would you give to fellow crafters in similar situations?

Trust the process. Being creative is fun and rewarding but you get a lot more out of it if you just let go and enjoy the journey. Creating helps bring you into the moment helps you not dwell on what you have lost, on those hospital appointments you are worried about and what might happen. For that time you are just someone enjoying being creative. Watch children as they play with materials, they totally get it.

  • I know we and other crafters always have a continuous to-do list of projects and always strive to learn new skills. I love your idea of a Craft Bucket list – how did this come about and what have you learnt since you started it?

The craft bucket list came about as I kept finding more and more things I wanted to try,  they were going into my bookmarks and being forgotten about so I decided to write a  list. There’s no deadline so there’s no pressure, its all about having fun and discovering new things to try, I have already discovered mosaics and weaving both of which I really enjoyed and have plans to do more 🙂

Span Studio Mosaic Tray

  • My short experience of the craft blogging community has been overwhelming and I can’t believe I missed out on all these people with common interests for so long. I wish someone had told me about it sooner! What has you experience of the blogging community been like? Any revelations?

My biggest revelation is that people want to make authentic and honest connections. They are actually interested in who you are how you feel and if you allow it you will be shown great kindness and acceptance. Blogging has changed my life, it has widened my world and I have been given many opportunities I could only dream of because of it.

  • Now for a fantasy question…..If money and time were no object, what would be your ultimate crafting experience?!

Oh my I love this question! It’s a dream of mine to go to a art/craft retreat. learn new skills and take long walks in the countryside and eat gorgeous locally sourced food. hmmmm.

Crochet Buttons by Span Studio

  • Your new crochet buttons are a fantastic hit already, but what is next for Span Studio?

I am currently developing a pdf for people to download so they can have a go at making the buttons themselves. After that I don’t know, I never know what’s next I just go with where my instinct takes me 🙂

Hannah regularly contributes to Popular Crafts magazine and can be found blogging over at Span Studio. Be sure to take a look at her crochet buttons available on Etsy too! All images in this post are courtesy of Span Studio.

claireabelle x

I have shared this post over on Handmade Monday, so do pop on over and see what everyone has been up to!

DIY Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet

DIY Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

As a teen, I was obsessed with making Friendship Bracelets and I’m so pleased to see they have made a comeback recently! My favourite type is the easy Chevron Friendship Bracelet made with embroidery thread and a few knots.

This is a great project to make in front of the TV, so I hope the DIY tips below will mean you can all join in my favourite 90s craft trend!

I picked up my pastel coloured threads in the charity shop. I also found a lovely vibrant pink and some royal blue for an upcoming embroidery project for my friend’s wedding gift.

DIY Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

Start by cutting 5 lengths of embroidery thread each around 60cm long. Fold in half and tie a knot a couple of inches from the top. Tape down & you are ready to get started!

Divide the threads either side into colour order from the outside in. You should have symmetrical colours.

DIY Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

Starting on the left hand thread (mint green in the image below), loop it around the next thread in the sequence and pull tightly to the top of the strand. Repeat on the same thread, so you have made two knots.

DIY Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

Repeat this sequence in turn for each thread, knotting from left to right. You should stop when you have knotted across 4 different coloured threads.

DIY Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

Now work from the right to left with the mint green thread, making two knots on each colour (4 threads). These knots are made in reverse to the ones you made on the left hand side. You should end with both mint green threads in the middle.

Now make two knots with the left hand mint green thread to close the chevron shape in the middle.

DIY Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

Start with the next rows in the chevron, working from the outside in, first with the left thread (pink) and then the right. Continue working each colour in turn.DIY Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

The chevron pattern should cover the top of your wrist. I continued the pattern until my bracelet measured 2-3 inches (but I have skinny wrists!).

Plait the remaining thread at each end and knot to secure. I added a bead for decoration.

DIY Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

And you’re done! Now wear your Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet with pride, or even better – pass it to a friend. After, all it should live up to its name!

DIY Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

There will be another friendship bracelet DIY on the blog next week, so watch this space.

claireabelle x

Cath Kidston Fabric Flowerpots

Cath Kidston Fabric Flower Pots on claireabellemakes

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Cath Kidston Craft Evening organised by Jenny and the Magic Feather to make these lovely fabric flowerpots. I wasn’t able to blog about it until now, as the craft evenings are so popular they hold two a month for the same project, and the second evening was today.

Here were our supplies for the night. Don’t those plastic spatulas remind you of art class at school?! There is always much excitement when the button pot comes out.

Cath Kidston Fabric Flower Pots on claireabellemakes

After a cup of tea with fellow Cambridge craft blogger Suki from The Owl Club, we entered the shop with great excitement and settled down for an evening of pretty floral fabrics and mod podge. GLUE! This was a perfect project for me as I love craft glue and my gardener has been trying to teach me a bit more about plants lately too.

Cath Kidston Fabric Flower Pots on claireabellemakes

I opted for a floral rose fabric (left hand pot in the above picture) as it matched my oven gloves and could be used for a house plant in my kitchen. I need to cut slits in the bottom so a plant can drain. I decorated it with pale pink ric rac and a felt flower.

The best thing about the evening for me was meeting such lovely people and chatting about craft, hobbies, jobs and our newly formed Cambridge City WI group. There was a real buzz about it as many ladies had heard about the group. Our publicity has obviously worked!

We also had time to do a second smaller pot, so I chose the blue cherry fabric and decorated with some ribbon and a button.

Cath Kidston Fabric Flower Pots on claireabellemakes

Here are the group’s finished pots!

Cath Kidston Fabric Flower Pots on claireabellemakes

You can read my post on the previous craft evening here. Also take a look at Jenny and the Magic Feather’s blog post about the evening here.

There are plenty of tutorials online for covering a flower pot in fabric. My favourite is this one by Christine Chitnis as she uses teracotta pots and a great selection of fabrics.

Thanks to Jenny and the Cath Kidston girls for another great evening. This project totally fed my addiction for craft glue and covering things!

claireabelle x