DIY Tassel Wall Hanging

I’m not going to lie, I have way too many creative supplies in the studio. I’m thinking about having a big Instagram sale again to destash. One of the supplies I have a lot of is yarn! So I decided to make a DIY Tassel Wall Hanging from some really lovely merino wool that I had left over from a knitted hat project.DIY-Tassel-Wall-Hanging

This is a super easy project and you can do it with any yarn or rope material. Find the full DIY on the Homedit blog here. It definitely got me thinking about how I can create projects to use up the rest of my supplies!

What have you been creating lately? I’d love to see your projects.



DIY Copper Foil Planter

Guys. I can’t believe I’m typing this but, I KEPT A PLANT ALIVE! And it’s thriving. So I decided to make this DIY Copper Foil Planter so that my one plant to survive can feel special and sparkly. And because I wanted to use copper foil in a project OK?!

A friend gave me a Pilea plant for Christmas too so I’m making this corner of my studio into a little indoor garden. It gets plenty of light but not direct sun so I hope to keep it from dying.


You can find the full tutorial for this planter (which was once terracotta!) on the Homedit site here. They share a ton of inspiration for DIY projects and interiors.

I hope you’ve all had a good week and have some fun plans ahead for the weekend. I’m off to a water colour class!



DIY Eucalyptus Star Decoration – Inspired By Disney

Well December has flown by hasn’t it?! It has been a month filled with work and a few days of play, but I’m really pleased I have some time today to share with you a little of what I have been up to!

Before I get to the DIY Eucalyptus Star Decoration, I want to explain where the inspiration for this make came from.


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with a dream brand to deliver some Christmas workshops. Early on Saturday morning I took the train to London to the Disney Store on Oxford Street to celebrate the launch of the Pete’s Dragon DVD.

Pete’s Dragon is a wonderful film about a boy who lives in the forest with his dragon friend. No one in the town believes his dragon Elliot is real, but it’s a great adventure for all when they explore the forest to find out.


I ran three workshops for children of all ages to make forest inspired Christmas crafts. We painted pine cones to make mini Christmas tree decorations as well as using twine to create 5 point star decorations from sticks. The children also made raw gingerbread cookies and watched the film as they created. One kid did paint his face green too which was all kinds of fun….it was a busy day so I only managed to get a few snaps above.

Today I wanted to share a tutorial for a more grown up version of the DIY Star Decoration we made.

You will need:

  • 5 branches
  • Twine/string
  • String lights on a wire
  • Eucalyptus

For our forest decoration, we created a 5 point star using sticks and twine to hold it together. Wrap around and tie twine each time a stick crosses another one.


I added a piece of natural coloured ribbon to hang it. It can be quite useful to have another pair of hands for creating the star, so that the sticks stay in place as you tie. eucalyptus-star-decoration-step-1-stick-star

Next, take your copper wire lights and wrap around the star covering each stick. I did this with the lights switched on to make sure they were evenly spaced.

Then, take lengths of eucalyptus (my favourite right now) and wrap around the sticks. You can secure it by tucking it into the areas where the sticks cross. eucalyptus-star-decoration-complete

If you wanted to, you could also hang lengths of eucalyptus from the bottom of the star. It’s really up to you how you add the foliage – it’s such a simple DIY there is definitely room for variations!eucalyptus-star-decoration-step-3

I love how natural the finished star decoration looks! It’s a larger more grown up version of what we made at the Disney Store and I love it.

diy-eucalyptus-star-decoration-claireabellemakesA big thanks to Disney for inviting me to run the children’s workshops – I had so much fun, especially since I am used to teaching adult crafters and this was so different.

Have you been inspired to create any DIY holiday decorations this year?



DIY Painted Pumpkins With Annie Sloan

Happy Halloween everyone! It’s feeling pretty festive around here with a pumpkin carving session last weekend and lots of seasonal soups and treats. I usually decorate our fireplace for Autumn with lots of warm tones and cosy candles rather than spooky halloween decorations. This year I did just that, but I also had a chance to try a different colour palette with the new Annie Sloan chalk paint colours.  I love the European inspired names – Honfleur, Amsterdam Green and Giverny.


I started with local pumpkins from our market in Cambridge. They had the cutest munchkins too – look how teeny! I decided not to paint the grey squash as I am planning to make a soup with that one and I can’t imagine paint is that tasty. I always add a touch of maple syrup and nutmeg to squash soup for a little sweetness. It’s soooo good.


The Annie Sloan chalk paints are definitely my kind of paint. They can be used on so many surfaces and without prep – I’m all for quick crafts! I also love that it is water-based and non-toxic, which means no nasty odour to give me a migraine. You can even dilute the paint to make wood grains, or leave it as it is for a really concentrated coverage.


I’m really enjoying the scent of eucalyptus at the moment, so incorporated a big vase of it into my display. It feels really natural and homely.



It’s been a painting couple of weeks here with the new bicycle decorations being hand painted (coming soon) and lots of painting prep for my stand display for markets. This was a nice break to paint something for the

I also shared a video on my You Tube channel with the traditional Autumn decorations if you want to take a look!

I’m already thinking about Christmas decorations and I maaaay have been listening to some festive tunes in the studio. Sorry, not sorry!

I hope you enjoyed this decor post today and a big thanks to Annie Sloan for sending me the new chalk paint colours to try.



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DIY Marbled Magazine File

Today’s post is sponsored by Harvey’s Furniture who challenged me to create a DIY storage solution for small spaces. At the moment, our house is fully cluttered in every single room. I’ve promised G that I will get everything in order by Christmas which is a big task! So any DIY storage solution is a win in our house right now.

Can you guess what this DIY Marbled Magazine File is made from?

A cereal box and marbled contact paper – that’s it! This is a super simple make and the finished project is really effective!

Contact paper is really easy to work with – I found this marble version in Wilko, but it’s also available on Amazon here.


You can watch the full DIY for this project in the video below and don’t forget to check out the Harvey’s blog for a step-by-step photo guide. They are also running a competition for you to share your own space saving ideas which you can find out more about here. There is a chance to win some furniture for your home, so it’s worthwhile if you’re redoing any rooms or you are into interiors!

What do you think? I love DIYs that are super quick to make and this one is being used in our home already. I also found some other things to store in the magazine file – in case you’re not a magazine kind of person.

It could be a cleaning caddy….

cleaning-supplies-storage… or somewhere to store gift wrap and supplies!gift-wrap-storage

Now, I’m off to declutter…..wish me luck!



*This post was sponsored by Harvey’s Furniture.
**Some pages on this site may contain links to outside sites, including paid affiliates. Read more about my disclosure policy here.