Easy Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

The weather has turned here in the UK and the urge to stay indoors under a blanket has been strong. With a few friends welcoming new arrivals in lockdown, I’ve been busy working on some easy crochet baby blanket patterns to keep the little ones warm.

I started with a simple pastel granny square baby blanket for Leon using Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK. It’s a super affordable wool for baby blankets and was great to work with. A granny square is an easy crochet pattern for beginners and this is just one giant one, so you can keep going round and round without thinking too much.


Next up was the Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket which I made in pinks and greys for baby Niya who arrived a couple of weeks early in August.

The crochet ripple pattern is a really relaxing one to do once you get into the rhythm of it and all you need to learn is the treble stitch (Double in US).

Here’s mama Niv with the finished blanket which was made with Rico Baby Classic DK – so soft!

I also made this rainbow ripple baby blanket about 4 years ago now when my niece arrived using the Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK.

This one is about a year old now, a granny stripe baby blanket with a simple treble stitch edging. Also made with Rico Baby Classic DK in greys and white.

I used a pom pom maker to add pom poms to each of the corners.

Hannah and Ian welcomed twins Seb and Zoe just before lockdown, so I ventured away from crochet baby blankets to make these cute elephant comforters. The pattern is great if you’re venturing into amigurumi for the first time and they are pretty quick to make if you aren’t keen on a more involved blanket project.

This summer has been quiet for the blog, but I’m planning to share more creative projects in the next few months, as well as an update on summer 2020 and life this year. Hopefully there are still some of you out there reading!

Claire x

Chunky Crochet Rainbow Blanket

Time to make has been hard to find lately, but I finally finished a craft project! Today I wanted to share this Chunky Crochet Rainbow Blanket I made for my pals Ali and Jam who run super colourful brand Hello Dodo.

The original idea for this yarn (Bernat Softee Chunky) was to make rainbow cardigans for myself and Ali. However, once I started working it up, I knew it would just be brilliant to make into a large colourful crochet blanket for their whole family, pooches included!

The chunky yarn was quick to work up with an 8mm hook. I just used half treble stitches (hdc in US terms) and made rows of 9 in each colour. Each row took up 2 balls of yarn.

Total time to make was probably around 20 hours, but it was a great make to finish as Autumn began – it kept me warm on my lap as it got bigger!

After blocking, the blanket easily covers a double bed (here it is on mine) and it is super snuggly to wrap around yourself too. I hope Ali, Jam. Hero and Pepper will love it and use it for years to come! They live in a super colourful house in worthing so I think it will compliment their home style pretty well.

I’m definitely thinking of making another chunky blanket in this yarn, perhaps in a ripple pattern or with some pom poms on the corners…..maybe in the grey and more subtle colours for me.

Like the quilt I made a couple of years ago, this one was hard to gift actually. I kind of wanted to keep it for myself!

I’ll be working on a few baby blankets for my next crochet projects to gift to friends for their new arrivals. Taking my crochet back to simple patterns has been refreshing as I’m using my brain power to tackle dress making instead lately.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest project. Let me know what you think and what craft projects you are working on!

DIY Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern

A couple of years ago I wrote this post about handmade Christmas gifts. The Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern I shared has been the most clicked and pinned image on my entire site since it began in 2012!

I purchased the pattern from Amy’s Etsy store and she got in touch to thank me for sending so many of you her way. Amy wanted to extend her thanks by offering the pattern for free to my readers. How nice is that?!


The pattern is a great beginners crochet project and is worked in (US terms) half double crochet stitches (htr in UK terms). I made mine in with DK yarn in a couple of hours and gave them as Christmas presents.


I’m so pleased to have been able to support Amy’s store via my blog traffic. If you are interested in making more cosy items, please do check out all her patterns here (there is currently a Black Friday sale in her shop announcement).

If you are looking for more simple crochet patterns, be sure to check out my Spike Stitch Crochet Handwarmers Pattern – it’s my second most pinned project and is always a favourite in winter and around the holidays!

Spike-Stitch-Crochet-Handwarmers-ClaireabellemakesHappy Hooking!



Crochet Lemon Stress Ball Pattern

One of the reasons I craft is to help my well-being. I’ve suffered with migraines for around 17 years now and not only is craft my business and my hobby, it is a way to relax and distract from pain. There are days when I can’t do much more than lay in a dark room, but when I am well enough, I turn to crochet, knitting and papercrafts to relieve stress and anxiety.


So when the Craft Yarn Council in the US got in touch with me about their social media campaign for National Stress Awareness Month, I jumped at the chance to share #StitchAwayStress with you all. Especially as it involves stories from other crafters and a free crochet and knitting pattern for this When Life Gives You Lemons Stressball by Twinkie Chan! Keep reading to download the pattern.


If you follow along with the Craft Yarn Council on Instagram, you can find lots more creative ways to stay stress free as well as activity ideas, giveaways, and videos to help boost your mood.


Download the free lemon stress ball patterns at the following links:

Knitting pattern

Crochet Pattern

You can also find a video tutorial for the crochet pattern with Twinkie Chan below! (Remember the pattern will be in US terms).

This video reminded me that a simple craft can bring so much to some people. I especially loved hearing Michael talk about knitting when flying to help with anxiety after 911.

I really hope you will join in the crafty fun and perhaps make a stress ball of your own.  The Craft Yarn Council are encouraging people to share photos of their lemons on social media with the hash tag #stitchawaystress and #lemonstressball.

I’d love for you to share your personal story on how craft has helped you. Come and find me on Twitter and make sure to share with the Craft Yarn Council there too.

Happy crafting and relaxing!




5 Free Crochet Food Patterns

Maybe it’s because I’m trying to resist treats lately, but are crochet food patterns cropping up more and more online? I’m not complaining mind. Cute crochet macarons and pizza garlands?! Definitely worth learning to crochet for.

I love a good blanket project and I even indulge in a yearly sweater project, but I do have the urge to crochet an entire tea party for some reason. Here are 5 of my favourite free crochet patterns for food items. Enjoy!5-Crochet-Food-Patterns-Free

Crochet Pizza Garland / Crochet Macarons

Crochet Donuts / Crochet Pancakes / Crochet Fruit Potholders

A couple of years ago I spotted this amazing stop motion video and it never fails to make me smile. Do take the time to watch it and I promise you will be inspired! I think I would be much slimmer if all cakes were made this way!

Black Forest Cake from Marion Ber on Vimeo.