Lockdown Diaries – Cambridge During COVID-19

It’s hard to know where to begin. The world is experiencing a global crisis and somehow writing a blog seems insignificant and a bit odd.

However, this space has evolved into a personal journal for me and despite a few months of neglect, I feel compelled to document and to share again.

Wherever you are in the world, Corona virus is having an impact. Sometimes, it is hard to comprehend just how much of an in impact because it feels so surreal. But as the situation progresses, I have found myself experiencing the reality and consequences in so many different ways. Loved ones have lost jobs, friends are in isolation and family members are struggling to get basic supplies. Like many, I am experiencing anxiety and have realised I need to check on the news just once a day in order to protect my mental health. I have felt anger when I hear of others selfishly living life as if they were before this awful disease took over everything. I feel sadness when I see the death toll and the strain on our health system. It is a massive rollercoaster of emotions.

The lockdown in the UK has been a wake up call and has highlighted so many things I took for granted in life. I am hugely grateful we are still able to go our for solitary exercise each day, but living in a city, I have found it difficult to avoid people at times.

On Friday 27 March I took my lunch break from working at home at 2pm and decided to cycle through the city centre for daily exercise. In the 14 years I have lived in Cambridge, I have never experienced it like this.

No bikes, no cars, no people. All shops and restaurants closed.

Kings Parade is usually the busiest tourist hotspot. Not in lockdown.

The Corpus Clock with no one infront of it.

The Mill Pond without any punts or people. So strange to see.

I took a couple of videos whilst cycling the empty streets.

As the situation takes hold, like many, I am trying to find a new normal and take each day as it comes. I am feeling very grateful to be able to work from home and for video calls with family and friends who are distancing or in isolation. My flatmate and I are taking moments to appreciate our home and spending time together after work to try and separate home and work life.

Dating at a distance in a lockdown has been another challenge to get my head (and heart) around. But I know that it is a minor adjustment in comparison to others who are struggling with so much more.

If you are isolating during this tough time, I am open to finding light together on the difficult days. My flatmate Emily reminded me that literally the whole world is in this together and I feel there is strength and comfort in that thought alone.

Stay safe and well x

One thought on “Lockdown Diaries – Cambridge During COVID-19

  1. Hi Claire,
    I felt so identified while reading your post that I decided to write a comment. It’s been nearly one month since Spain declared complete lockdown and every day is a different – and weird – new day. My emotions are so unstable: now I’m fine, now I’m sad, etc. It’s quite hard to keep a balance, I wonder if I’m explaining myself properly.
    It is great that you can still go out (even though on your own) to practice sport! As long as you keep distance and a good hygiene routine I’m sure everything will be ok, I wish we could do it as well. People are being extra… “creative” to find ways to go out without being seen here. By the way, nice pictures!
    I completely agree with you, we should be grateful for being able to work from home, and to platforms such as Skype hahah, what would we do without them…
    I’m also in a relationship and I really miss my boyfriend, but as you say, there are bigger issues out there. We can face this together!
    Oh and, I’ll take your example and try to look the news just once a day, because I’m too obsessed with figures and I think it’s not bringing me any good.
    Thank you for sharing your story, I had fun writing this, at least I could do something different hahah.
    Stay safe and all the best,

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