National Stationery Week #MakeANote

It’s National Stationery Week here in the UK! This week is the perfect chance for me to share all my favourite paper goods with you and to geek out. There will be a post every day of the week so stay tuned! I’ll also be sharing links to events, shops and suppliers that you wont want to miss.

Today’s #makeanote prompt for National Stationery Week is a chance for us to share our notebooks with you. I’m now two years into Bullet Journaling in the Leuchtturm 1917 Notebooks and I have found it to be a perfect and inexpensive way to stay organised and creative all at once.


Biscuit stickers by Nikki McWilliams

Here are a few of my favourite Bullet Journal Spreads!


March-Bullet-Journal-SpreadI don’t just use my notebook for Bullet Journal weekly spreads. I also plan out product ideas and use it as a sketch book. Here’s my design process for the planner pin collection I released in 2017. Available in my shop here.

I am a big fan of the pastel coloured Tombow Dual Brush pens, but I’ve also been eyeing up my pal Nikki’s new stationery supply shop on Etsy for more items! It just opened, but I’m told there will be lots more goodies added in the near future. Definitely one to add to your favourites! Travel journal spreads are something I’d love to do more of. We still need to plan a holiday this year- we’re after a sunny break I think so do send your suggestions for places to go! There are a few Bullet Journal videos on my YouTube channel where I also shared my experience with using these stencils and my favourite Muji Gel Pens

I just started a new Bullet Journal notebook this month and I love this future log spread and the rainbow colour scheme I created! G and I use a shared Google calendar to keep up to date with future plans, but I love having this to flick back to each month too.


Thanks for letting me share my Bullet Journal notebook today! You can follow along with National Stationery Week by searching the #NatStatWeek tag on social media and take a look at #MakeANote to see how everyone is using their notebooks today!

I’m also going to be recommending an event at the end of each daily blog post, so keep reading until the end each day to find out more.

My recommended stationery event: London Calligraphy at kikki.K St Pancras, London



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