5 Planners To Keep You Organised In 2018

If you’ve been a follower for a while, you know I can’t talk about the new year without talking about planners! This year, I wanted to share some fantastic planner picks with you as well as links to more in depth reviews in case you are still searching for the one!

5 Planner Picks for 2018

  1. The Imperfect Life Planner

It’s not often you come across someone who has your nodding along like the Churchill dog because you just love what they have to say! Stationery queen Kerry Lyons created The Imperfect Life planner from a Kickstarter campaign to allow us to make mistakes and embrace them.
The Imperfect Life Planner Social Check out my full review of the planner on YouTube here:

2. kikki.K Ring Bound Planners

I love using ring bound planners for my development and this spotty kikki.K copper zip planner is great for holding all my training notes for business courses. Ring bound gives me the opportunity to switch pages in and out and create divided sections for different topics.
kikki.K-Zipped-Foil-PlannerThe kikki.K planners always come in such pretty designs and they change up their collections regularly. At the time of writing, I believe this planner was in the January sale and how can one resist metallics and stickers?!kikki.K-Planner-Stickers

3. Hello Day 

I started working with Hello Day Planners last year to promote their beautiful collections and I’m thrilled to share the new collections for 2018. If sleek designs and dreamy monochrome is your bag – these planners are for you. Each one is spiral bound and available in a minimal layout or with more detailed pages.
Palma IG Hexx IG Tate IGThis year Hello Day have added stationery items to their offering including classy pencils, gold scissors and hexagonal gold pens. Luxury stationery at its finest!

Watch my detailed review of the Hello Day Planners here:

4. Travelers Notebook (TN)

One of the biggest trends in the planner community right now, the Travelers Notebook allows you to hold a collection of notebooks together with elastics or ‘strings’. You can buy diary inserts, dotted pages, you name it. Even DIY your own inserts!

This fabric version was from a shop called Lilac and Dot on Etsy, but the seller isn’t making TN’s anymore. However, just a simple search for TN’s on Etsy will bring up so many beautiful fabric and leather versions.

I’ll be using a TN in 2018 for creative journalling. More on this in another post soon!


5. Bullet Journaling

And finally the wonderful Bullet Journal! I can honestly say that I found planner peace in 2017 as I stayed with Bullet Journaling all year! Previously I was something of a fickle planner, switching up my rings and pages every few months. Using my BuJo kept me on track with more realistic to do lists and I was the most productive and in control I had ever been!

I highly recommend the A5 Leuchtturm Dotted Notebooks as the perfect Bullet Journal – it has a contents page and fantastic paper quality.

Getting creative with my BuJo was fun too and it even inspired the pin design for my planner pins collection.


You can watch my most viewed Bullet Journaling video here:

And even though I said I’d share 5 planners, I’m sneaking a 6th planner here just in case disc-bound is your thing! The Busy Days Planner is a great option for decorative planners who also enjoy space for journaling. Watch my video review here:

I’d love to hear your planner choice for 2018 – or maybe you are a scraps of paper/write notes on an old envelope person….no judgement here!



*I work with Kerry Lyons Co and Hello Day on an affiliate basis. This post contains links to outside sites, including paid affiliates.

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  1. I need this! Everyone can afford to be a little more organized right? Some really cool designs here, the “Hello Day” white and gold hexagon pattern is my favorite. I’m a long time reader, but first time commenting. Love this blog 🙂

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