New In Store: Greetings Card Collection

I am kicking myself for falling behind on blogging lately – mostly because I have lots of things to tell you and not enough time to share. I realised I have been working so hard on products designs and summer fair prep, that I forgot to share here that there are 15 new greeting card designs in the shop!

I LOVE designing cards – mostly because celebrations make me super happy and knowing that people are writing their personal messages in my cards is something pretty special to me.

SHOP- Card Collection Launch

I have also been uploading more regularly on my YouTube channel and each time a new collection is launched, you can find a little promo video there! Just for fun and because I am really enjoying editing lately. Warning – the cheesy music is just for your pleasure šŸ™‚

Keep your eyes peeled for a new website in the next few months (planning at the moment) and some Christmas products that will involve glitter and bikes. I AM SO EXCITED.

Thanks for bearing with me lately, I have some more updates coming tomorrow too!



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