DIY Candles With Evermore London

Lately, I have been doing the odd craft project just for fun. When you run a creative business, it can often be hard to find time to make just for you. So when Evermore London got in touch with me about their candle making kits, I knew they would be a great rainy day craft to try out.

If you’ve never tried candle making, just know that it’s super easy to do! The kits from Evermore make it so simple to learn how to make beautiful candles in no time at all. Each kit is packaged in a gorgeous white box, with all the items you need.
Evermore-Candle-KitsEach candle making kit contains enough to make two soy wax candles. You can pick two fragrances from the following list to make them scented:

  • Sandalwood
  • Lavender
  • Gardenia
  • Coconut
  • Lemongrass

I found the fragrance to be quite subtle. My favourite was definitely the coconut, but the lavender was perfect to burn in the evenings before bed time.

The kit has a little booklet to show you how to make the candles – it’s as easy as melting the soy wax and testing the temperature before adding the fragrance oil. I bought a pyrex jug which I use specifically for making candles and it gets used loads!  Evermore recommend an aluminium jug – but I reckon both work well!Candle-Making-KitThere were two decent sized tins to make the candles in and even labels to customise your tin with. DIY-Soy-Wax-Candles Making-soy-candles-with-EvermoreGlue dots are the best thing for keeping your candle wicks in place, as well as some skewers and strings for when your wax is setting. In-progress-Evermore-Candle-MakingI love how quick candle making is. It’s especially nice to make them alongside other long term projects that I’m working on (first quilt coming soon!). The burn time on these candles was really lengthy and I will definitely use the tins again.
DIY-Soy-Candles-EvermoreThe kits make a really great gift for someone wanting to learn how to make soy candles or I reckon they are a great treat if you want an easy make for a Sunday afternoon craft session. Evermore also sell ready made candles with some amazing scents and even have a wedding collection for favours. Evermore-London-Candle-Workshop

A big thanks to Sarah at Evermore who sent the kit to me for review purposes. I was so pleased to have a chance to work with them after discovering their candles at Renegade a couple of years ago.

Have you found any great craft kits lately? I’d love to hear!



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