National Stationery Week – Bullet Journalling

Guys it’s one of my favourite weeks of the entire year – National Stationery Week! A whole week to celebrate paper, pens, planners and stickers. Today I wanted to talk to you about Bullet Journalling because it’s been a planning revelation for me since I started it in January.

If you are not familiar with this style of planning, I recommend watching Ryder Caroll’s video about the analogue system he invented. Since then, it has become something of a trend with lots of creative people turning their BuJo’s into places to doodle and decorate.

March-Bullet-Journal-Spread As a fickle planner (you’ve probably seen me change my planner set up lots!), I find Bullet Journalling to be the one that has stuck the longest. The reason for this is the flexibility – you design every page yourself, so if one spread doesn’t work for you, just amend it the next week or day! It allows you to create pages for anything that you want to record, track or note. I have doodle pages, lettering practice pages, calendars, sketches, brainstorms and even budgeting and sales trackers.


I am exploring colour and lettering in my Bullet Journal and it’s been incredible to have just one planner for my personal life and business. It is busy inside, but it’s kept me on track and really suits my goal focused way of working. If things get written down, they get done for me!

You can basically use any notebook for a Bullet Journal, but I love one with dotted pages. Here are some links to the notebooks and pens that I use:

Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook

Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook Limited Edition Copper Version

PaperMate Flair Pens

Artline Stix Brush Pens

I also made a video on my Bullet Journal which you might like to take a look at to see it in more detail.

Once my pink BuJo is full, I shall be using this limited edition Leuchtturm Copper Notebook. It’s just really beautiful!


Finally, I’ve been working hard behind the scenes this month on some new stationery themed pin ideas and I can’t tell you how excited I am!! It’s been really tricky deciding on colours, but I can tell you they will be shiny and pretty special. They take around 3 weeks to produce once I have finalised the designs, so keep an eye out and let me know what you think!

Are you a Bullet Journalling fan? What are you using to keep organised this year? Don’t forget, you can keep up with National Stationery Week online by searching the #NatStatWeek tag!



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5 thoughts on “National Stationery Week – Bullet Journalling

  1. I love bullet journaling! I’ve been doing it since June last year and I never get tired of it since I can change it as much as I want. I’m excited to see your new pins! 😀

  2. Very nice layout. I have tried bullet journaling in the Lechtrrum 1917, I love the book it is very nice but kept finding myself taking out pages due to the littlest mistakes. Have you found yourself doing this also?

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