Which 2017 Planners Am I Using?

In 2016, I did a weekly project to share the decorated pages of my planner on Instagram. It was a fun, creative task which you can see the results of here. As much as I enjoyed it, I’ve decided to take a more pratical approach to planning this year. Today I’m sharing which 2017 planners I am using.

By now you will have probably gathered that I need to write things down if I have any chance of remembering them. Hence my obsession with planners. When I ask G to remind me about something, he often jokes “write it in your planner” and teases me for spending more time planning than actually doing. Joking aside, as a multi tasker and visual person, I find planning a useful tool to clarify my goals and stay productive. If it’s on a list – I’ll get it done.


So this year, I’m using three different planners. The first is the Hello Day Planner for my day-to-day life. I have reviewed this planner in full on my YouTube channel and would definitely recommend it! It is quite a big planner, so it tends to stay on my desk and I open it at the beginning and end of each day. Plus it is from a UK start-up which I am so excited to support!

I really love the day per page with to do lists, water tracking, a gratitude prompt and a 10 minute task. The 10 minute accomplishment each day has been really great as we have been using this to complete small tasks around the home that we often put off.


The next planner I am using is for strategic business planning. The Dream Plan Do Planner was a Kickstarter project from The Design Trust and I couldn’t recommend it more highly! Since I quit my PA job, I have definitely needed to think more strategically about the product side of my business because there has been a shift in motivation to make more money.

Each month has a different aspect of your business to focus on with lots of creative tasks and prompts to get you thinking and planning for the longer term. At the end of each month there are two pages to review your finances and marketing stats. I am excited to think about my business in more detail this year.

You can get 20% off any Dream Plan Do products till 31 January if you use promo code: wearefriends (not sponsored – just love this planner and wanted to share their offer!).


The final planner I am using for 2017 is a notebook. I am using a gridded Leuchtturm 1917 medium notebook as a Bullet Journal for my day to day business planning. I have struggled before with multiple notebooks for my business and planners not having the right inserts for me, but now I can design each page myself and have everything in one place! This notebook contains daily to do lists, brainstorming for products, editorial calendars, wish lists, supplier info, cash flow and invoicing and lots more! Basically anything that relates to my business that isn’t a long term goal. Possible planner peace…….? I’ll keep you posted.


So there you have it, my 2017 planners! You can also hear me chatting through these in this video if you fancy more planner content.

Are you using a planner this year?



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