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The decorations are up here and we’re almost ready for hosting Christmas. Except for the oven going bang this weekend! Luckily we have an amazing landlord who has ordered us a new one, so fingers crossed it arrives in time for cooking the turkey. If it doesn’t, I’m entirely happy with cheese with a side of cheese for Christmas dinner hehe!

Anywho, after G had decorated our tree with all the red and white ornaments, we realised it didn’t even have a Wheelie Festive Bike on it! It now has a white bicycle decoration and on Christmas day I’ll add a red one.

What has really blown me away this Christmas, is how many of you have been loving hanging your bicycle decorations. I decided to share your snaps today because it really made my heart all warm and fuzzy to see you getting wheelie festive!

Sammy has wowed me with these 4 (yes 4!) pictures she shared of her bike which was the inspiration for a tree decorated entirely with handmade decorations from UK designer makers. It’s AMAZING. You can check out the blog post all about Sammy’s Christmas tree here.samanthaclaridge_bikedecoration

Jo aka Life At Lords Cottages used her decoration as display piece in her son’s bedroom and Zabby Allen was kind enough to include my bikes in a round up of indie designed Christmas decorations on her blog here.

Sarah Hearts shared her unboxing  and Sunshine Jo shared her custom yellow one!customer-photos-wheelie-festive-bikes

Then I got SUPER excited seeing them on your trees! Cambridge customer Anna came and grabbed one in person at the Cambridge Made market as well as my stall neighbour Jules who both popped them on the tree soon after!

My Mum shared hers in the middle and Millie added hers to a beautiful blue themed tree. Finally, Helen paired hers with a Hello Sunshine decoration which I just love!customer-photos-wheelie-festive-bikes-on-trees

I hope you’re all feeling really festive and ready for the holidays! I want to share with you our favourite Christmas decoration we hang each year which Kim Haskins painted.


There’s still time to grab a decoration or stocking fillers in the shop here! Last orders for USA, Canada and Europe are on 15 December and UK orders on 17 December. Or just get in touch if you need express shipping!



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