Motivational Cards In Store Now

I’ve been working super hard in the studio lately to bring lots of new things to the shop and to revise the packaging on some existing products. Finally, things are coming together and there are some new releases!

This collection of motivational and inspirational cards can be sent to spread a little positivity or to show someone how proud of them you are! I like CRUSHED IT as an alternative congratulations card 🙂

You will notice that these cards are already in the shop as A5 prints, but after a few requests they have now been developed as cards. I once sold YOU GOT THIS to a girl who was giving it to her pregnant friend so they really are for any occasion!you-got-this-scrabble-card dream-big-card crushed-it-card nailed-it-card

I hope you like them! Next week I hope to be sharing the new Christmas decorations with you and designing my market stall display for some upcoming events. Lots to do!




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