October Favourites 2016

I usually always start my favourites post with the best experience from the month. Even though I didn’t take many photos, I had a month of time with friends and family and it was really great. Mostly because it was time where I didn’t feel guilty about not working and it allowed me to really enjoy the moment!

Now onto the ‘things’. The first item I have been loving is the new Paintbox Yarns selection. The wonderful people at Love Knitting sent me the cotton dk to work with and I started a crochet star shaped rainbow baby blanket. I better hurry up and finish it though as said baby is due very soon (not mine)! It’s been a really lovely pattern to work on because it’s a good one to memorise and do infront of the TV or on the train.


Before I quit my day job, I treated myself to a new fitness tracker after I had accidentally washed my Fit Bit in the machine oops! I decided to go for something that looked a bit nicer and was recommended the Bella Beat. The Urban Leaf in Rose Gold is a new release and can be worn on the bracelet, as a necklace or clipped onto your clothing.

It tracks sleep, steps, activity, stress levels, menstrual cycles and even has meditation programmes built into the app. So far I really like it and it’s certainly making me get out and walk more. bella-beat-urban-leaf

My beauty favourite this month was a treat that I got with a voucher because I wouldn’t usually spend almost £25 on a face mask. This Origins Active Charcoal Clay Mask is probably the best clay mask I’ve tried and it has really helped my oily skin. Highly recommended!

I’m also loving the little posy vase in the background which I got from Dot Com Gift Shop. It’s the perfect place for some eucalyptus sprigs which I’ve been enjoying lots throughout October too.origins-clay-mask

It’s safe to say that I am one of those people for whom Christmas begins early! Mostly because I make Christmas products for the shop and need to think ahead, but also because I LOVE the festive season! I want to decorate now! G tells me I shouldn’t until my birthday is over (25 November in case you are wondering) and I know he is right.

It doesn’t mean I can’t get festive with photo shoot props though! This bauble set has been my little Christmas injection to keep me going until 1 December 🙂christmas-baubles

Continuing the Christmas theme, my friends at Bluebird Tea Co sent me a box full of their festive blends to share with you because they know so many of you love them too! Look at these flavours, the Tea Christmas Crackers and Mulled Wine Tea Candle too!!

I’m super excited about another product they have released too, but that deserves a whole other post next week…..watch this space!


Finally, I can’t write a favourites post without mentioning pins! You all know my pin obsession is going strong so I’ve continued to swap with fellow makers to grow my collection. I may also be designing some more pins for the shop too, but I want to get them just right, so I am taking my time!new-pins-claireabellemakes-october

Hello Sunshine / Nikki McWilliams / Daphne Rosa / Heidi Henry Shop

Thanks for letting me share my favourites today! Do let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments below.

I’ve also been busy planning lots of content for the blog and YouTube channel right up until the end of the year. There will be festive posts, gift guides and DIYs to see you through as I really want to get back into the swing of blogging regularly. Wish me luck!



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