First Month As A Full-Time Creative (And Sneak Peeks)!

It’s kind of hard to put into words how the last month has felt, but I’ll try because I want to update you all and share a little of what I’ve been up to. If you missed my post about quitting the day job, you can catch up here. It was a super emotional day to leave all my colleagues and the students at my University job and it definitely felt like the end of an era. I had worked in academic administration for 11 years. That’s a pretty long time and I was ready to take the leap to work solely on creative projects.

Coming soon!

So what’s new around here? Well, I’ve actually been having down time for the first time in years. Time to declutter my house and get the studio in some sort of order. Time to catch up with friends and family. Time to crochet (I’ve missed it so much!). Time to enjoy G’s company without limiting the duration to get back to work (he’s  been super patient). I’ve slowed down a little and it feels really good. BUT, I know I can’t slow down for too long because Christmas as a small business owner in the cards and gifts market is pretty crazy. And my email inbox is still completely clogged. Sorry if I owe you a reply, I’m planning to camp out in a cafe somewhere this weekend to catch up.

I’m also learning new things at Copper Boom Studio. We work on product photography and content for small businesses like Claireabellemakes. It’s a super inspiring team to be a part of and we recently moved into an amazing barn in the Cambridgeshire countryside. I’m styling shoots for clients which is a whole new experience to styling my own products. I’ve learnt that balloons and mirrored products are crazy challenging. I’ve also learnt that I like a bit of countryside now and again. The main thing I’ve learnt is that it is super exciting to be part of a start-up that’s growing so quickly. We’re crowd funding too if you’re interested!

Source: Copper Boom Studio

Talking of styling products, I thought I’d also share some sneak peeks of what’s to come in the next few weeks. It’s felt very festive in the studio and I have loved every minute of designing the new Christmas collections. If you follow on my social channels, you will have seen some of these but stay tuned for more!

Wait til you hear the punny name for these…
One of 8 new Christmas cards coming soon!

Thanks for bearing with me here whilst the blogging schedule is still a little sporadic. I’m still finding my way with a new routine, but I’m almost there! Don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter if you want to be the first to hear when the new products go live.



2 thoughts on “First Month As A Full-Time Creative (And Sneak Peeks)!

  1. What a brave leap! I’m making cards at the moment and am using it as treatment will on long term sick. I have started a little company and trying out craft fairs but would love to be in your position. how did you start? Did you have a client based already?

    1. I started by writing this very blog four and a half years ago. I made creative friends online through blogging and built a potential customer base on social media first. That way, when I was ready to launch I had people interested already! Good luck with your company 🙂

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