Instalife September 2016

OK, so September was pretty awesome. It was filled with fun things and lots of emotion, as it was the month I left my day job to make my creative career the only career! Here’s a look at what I got up to via my Instagram feed.claireabellemakes-instalife-shop-september-2016

The new phrase necklaces were released in the shop

A feature in Caboodle Magazine / Sew Crafty print collection

Makers Gonna Make Notebooks / Updated Pins / New prints for planners!claireabellemakes-instalife-planner-september-2016

Sharing planner spreads each week in the kikki.K Lavender Pink Plannerclaireabellemakes-instalife-blog-september-2016New pin from Zeena Shah / Visiting The Handmade Fair / Hole punch review

Learning to brush letter / Celebratory cards from friends / DIY Colour Block Tray
claireabellemakes-instalife-cambridge-september-2016The Cambridge Creatives Photowalk

Bike spotting in the city

Enjoying the Autumn sunshine / Decorating for Autumn / Cow photobombs
claireabellemakes-instalife-tammy-september-2016And Tammy has been SO cuddly lately, I think the change in temperature really affects cats – she wont leave us alone at the moment. I’m not compaining, look how cute she is!

I hope you had a great September. I’m looking ahead now to Christmas – I know it’s early, but you’d be suprised how many buy my cards in October! I’ll also be taking some time to adjust to my new working life and to enjoy some ‘time off’ at weekends which I haven’t had in years.



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