Rapesco 6-Hole Planner Punch Review

As a planner geek, I’m always on the look out for items that will help me stay organised. I currently use a ring-bound planner and this single hole punch to prepare my inserts, but I’ve lusted after a 6-hole punch to save time for a while now, because busy!

When Rapesco got in touch to ask me to review their 6-hole Adjustable Planner Punch, I nearly bit their hand off. IT COMES IN PINK PEOPLE!rapesco-6-hole-planner-punch-review-claireabellemakes

So yes, this blog post is going to be a comprehensive review of a hole punch. My planner girls will get it – but feel free to click away if this isn’t your thing, I totally understand!

The hole punch is fairly compact and light for a 6-hole one, and has a lock on the outer side to keep it in a closed position when not in use. Good for storage.rapesco-6-hole-punch

According to their website, “the Rapesco Adjustable 6-hole punch is compatible with most organiser and diary sizes including A5, A6, Mini, Pocket, Personal, Slimline, Compact and Agenda”. I use an A5 planner and can definitely recommend it for those of you fed up with using the single hole punch 6 times for each sheet!multi-planner-hole-punch

The punch comes in quite a few colours (although how cute is the pink?!) and has a 10 sheet capacity. I tested this out and can say I was impressed! Before punching,  you line up each side to the planner size you are using.


Next, you move the adjustable paper guide to the size of your planner. Nice and easy!

Unlike some bigger punches (such as this Filofax A5 hole punch), it can punch 3 holes at a time, then the paper needs to be flipped over to punch the remaining 3 holes. I don’t mind this too much as it’s still an improvement on punching 6 holes individually. I know this might bother some people, but I do think the compact size of the punch makes up for this extra step.

The punch has a flip open confetti tray that looks as though it will hold a lot. It is easy to open as the grey part seems to be made of a rubber of some sort.


Rapesco give a 15 year guarantee with this punch too which I think is pretty ace for a product like this! I think my bloody hoover is only 3 years!planner-hole-punch-review

Overall I’m impressed with this planner punch. I started testing it with paper sheets, then punched a thicker card (actually this print which I have used as a dashboard below) and also a laminated sheet. It coped with everything very well.blogging-before-jogging-planner-dashboard

So a big thumbs up for this one guys. Anything that makes our planning lives easier eh?!adjustable-planner-punch-reviewI am thinking of using my ring bound planners for business planning in 2017 and switching my personal planning to a Bullet Journal. What works best for you? I’d love to hear from those of you who use Bullet Journaling on a day to day basis.

The planner punch is available on Amazon and stockists will be released on the Rapesco website here. Rapesco kindly sent me this punch free of charge for review purposes, but as always, opnions are entirely my own.



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11 thoughts on “Rapesco 6-Hole Planner Punch Review

  1. Do you know where they are sold in the US or where we can buy them online and have them shipped? Its super cute and useful and I would like to get one but i’m not in the UK!

    1. Hi Candace. I’m not 100% sure where they are going to be sold for US customers. So, I would recommend reaching out to Rapesco on Twitter as they are really helpful and will probably be able to recommend a stockist or site! Hope that helps 🙂

    2. A little late to the party, here, but wanted to let you know that both Amazon and Walmart carry this punch. Amazon seems to have the better pricing.

      Staples has a slightly different model listed, but it’s currently out of stock.

  2. Hi there,
    I have just bought one of these and it is too small to punch paper for my Kikki K A5 planner on its highest setting( which is A5) Have you seen this before? I love it and am quite disappointed. Although it is perfectly simple, I keep hoping someone will tell me I’m doing something wrong! 🙂

  3. Oops! Just read the article PROPERLY (yay me!) and realised you have to do 3 at a time. You’re a life saver! Well, a candy pink hole punch saver at least! Thank you!

  4. I’m having the exact same issue with my Kikki k planner, even with turning the paper! Please help?!

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