All The Feelings (and some news)

This month has been quite overwhelming. I’ve felt so many things. I’ve been scared, excited, anxious, doubtful and much more. Making big decisions is never easy.

If you follow along on social media, you will have seen me share that I have quit my day job at the University of Cambridge to work on my creative career. When I first started there 5.5 years ago, I was still dancing (that’s another career change I’ve yet to share!) and I was also studying for my masters in London whilst working full-time. So I have always been someone with multiple things on the go at once.

Having a steady and well paid job enabled me to explore my passions. I started Claireabellemakes with this blog in April 2012. A hobby which has grown into much more than I originally envisaged. In doing so, I have been able to really find my passion and for the first time in my life I knew who I was and what I wanted. For so long and as I approached my 30s, I wondered if I would ever realise what I wanted to do. It bothered me, and I was always a little envious of G who has known since he was a child what his career would be (and he’s bloody good at it too).
University of Cambridge

We all have the ‘big dream’. Something in the distance that would be great to achieve one day. Until last week, mine still felt like that, even though I had been taking clear steps to move towards it.  Nothing felt real until I actually handed in my notice and began to tell people about the change. It’s been pretty surreal and 100% scary. My anxiety levels have been high, but I needed to take a risk.

Many people are telling me that I will be able to achieve so much more now. That isn’t my goal. As much as being highly productive and working really f**king hard are big goals in running my business, some personal goals are now a priority. I want a better work life balance (one job instead of two!) and to take care of my health. I want to learn new things and be creatively challenged, whilst keeping self care a priority. I also want to make things just because.


So, I am taking a big deep breath right now. You may have noticed that things are a bit slower here on the blog lately and it might be that while for a little longer. I hope you can bear with me whilst I plan for the change ahead. A friend recently text me to ask “Are you OK? You haven’t blogged for 10 days?”……it made me chuckle, but it also made me realise that my output has been so high for so long It’s OK to rest and to absorb what is happening. I don’t want to look back on this period and realise that I was overwhelmed with anything other than the anticipated feelings of a career change in my 30s.

So what can you expect in the future? From the beginning of October, I’ll be continuing to blog, release products for the shop and to work with my creative friends at We Make Collective, Homedit and Simple Stylish Makes. I’m also going to be styling shoots for Copper Boom Studio clients which I’m pretty excited for.

Thanks for always being here. I’m so grateful I finally get to do what I love. Don’t forget to give me a little vote for the Interior Blog Awards below if you have enjoyed my posts. GOTTA END ON THE SELF PROMO BEFORE I GET EMOSH!




9 thoughts on “All The Feelings (and some news)

  1. Congratulations on the big step! I look forward to hearing about all the exciting ins and outs of your new career path 🙂

  2. What an exciting step for you! Well done on taking the leap and hope you can find some balance and time for yourself as you figure it all out! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on making such a brave change, dear Claire! I love hearing the stories of people who are pursuing their creative dreams, whether they’re doing it alongside another career or working fully on them, so this was such a good read. And as I’m slowly building my own dream, too, it’s always encouraging to witness another creative soul take another step with theirs. Wishing you all the best on this new era of your life! ♥

    Also, self care & taking it slower sounds real good!

  4. Congratulations on taking the big leap! I did the same thing two months ago and I’m so glad I did. It’s amazing and as long as you keep yourself in some kind of routine your work-life balance will be so much better!
    Good luck, looking forward to seeing how it all goes!

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