Paper Home Book Review

Today I want to share with you Esther Thorpe’s book Paper Home. As many of you know, paper crafting is a big passion of mine, but origami is something I have only dabbled in occasionally. After seeing a lampshade a friend made at one of “Origami Est’s” workshops, I knew Esther would be one to watch for making modular origami accessible.Paper-Home-by-Origami-Est-Book-Review

The book begins with an introduction to Esther’s background in graphic design and her passion for 3D modelling with paper. She talks of her inspiration in Bridget Riley and how her fascination with geometric pattern began. I always love this part of a creative book as it gives a great insight into how the author’s passions began.

There is a brief section on the importance of paper (use a guillotine not scissors for cutting!) and some simple images for learning the basics of Japanese paper folding; diagonal, mountain and valley, and inverse folds.

The projects are split into three sections; hang, shelf and wall. The first one that caught my eye was the DIY Party Diamond, one of Esther’s creations I had actually purchased from her shop recently!

I really love the design of the book – of course for a book about paper, the pages are beautifully printed and heavy weight! And there is a lot of white space around the instructions and images which pleases me for some reason. It’s cleanly laid out with step-by-step images for each make. I know when I’ve tackled origami in the past, a lack of images has always been an issue, but each make is easy to follow here.Paper-Home-Origami-Instructions

The skill level ranges from simple, such as this star garland project, to more advanced projects such as a lampshade which uses according folding. It would have been great to have an indication of skill level for each project in the book, but I guess it’s a case of getting stuck in and trying them out to see what works for you!

The origami vase project is created using sonobe modules – a classic unit of modular origami. Each pyramid is then interlinked to create a structure for your blooms which sits around a glass or cup. I’ve not seen anything like this before, so I was really impressed!DIY-Origami-Vase

The book makes modular origami accessible with supplier lists on the last pages and references to the exact papers Esther has used in each project. I love the copper accents she used in my party diamond which hangs proudly in the studio.Origami-Diamond-Claireabellemakes-Studio

I have to admit, some craft books do get left on my shelves and are rarely opened after a first look. I think Paper Home will be a book we revisit time and time again to create gifts, items for our home and to generally enjoy my love of paper. Plus G likes origami too, so it’s a craft we can both enjoy in our house! I’m definitely interested in Esther’s workshops too after seeing the book.Paper-Home-by-Origami-Est

Paper Home is available in most bookshops and on Amazon here. I hope you enjoyed my review today!  



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