July Favourites 2016

Oof it’s been tough to keep up with blogging lately! I’ve been busy having a big sort out in the studio, working hard in the day job and taking some time for my health. But today I’m sharing my July favourites with you as there have been lots of lovely moments and things!

I always start posts in this series with my favourite experience of the month. July was filled with lots of time with friends including picnics and BBQs and of course the Cambridge summer tradition of punting (basically summer hasn’t happened until I’ve been punting). On the first day of the month I took a day out to enjoy ice cream and hang out with some of my favourite creatives on the river. Thanks to Jo for this cheery snap from our day!Creatives-Punting-Day

My enamel pin collection evolved in July with some from Nutmeg and Arlo, Sew Crafty, Nikki McWilliams, Tiny Grey Cat and Rock Cakes. Watch this space for a pin storage DIY soon!Enamel-Pin-Collection

I also did a pin swap with Kim from Little Wren Loves who makes these gorgeous unicorn pins! Give me a shout if you also make pins and you would like to swap. I already planning out my next (stationery themed) pin design which I can’t wait to make!Unicorn-Enamel-Pin

I picked up this Pusheen Backpack from John Lewis which is now my picnic bag 🙂Pusheen-Backpack

Staying with the bag theme, I worked with the George team from Asda this month to pick some favourites from their summer dresses and accessories range. This floral tote bag is really good for days out and post runs!Floral-Tote-Bag-Asda

I am still a dress girl (even though I do actually own some trousers now!) so it was good fun to try out George’s Dress Selector tool to find out which styles suit my body type. You can vote for my selection and the other blogger’s looks on the George blog here.Asda Dress Selector Claireabellemakes 2

I was also really chuffed to work with Bluebird Tea Co again to try out some of their summer teas for cold brew! I always have a bottle of cold brew in the fridge during the summer as it’s so refreshing. We’ve been trying the Strawberry Split flavour….
Cold Brew Tea….and the Sangria tea! Cold brew is brewed over a longer period of time giving a sweeter and more intense flavour and releasing more antioxidants. Definitely my favourite drink at the moment and it’s helping me drink less of the chemical filled diet coke!

The recent UK heatwave has been pretty tough on my health as I’ve had to sit in an office without any ventilation at the day job. It’s been 30+ degrees each day even with two fans and the doors and windows open. I have felt mild heat exhaustion on many days so my blog and business has been put on the back burner whilst I focus on my health a bit. The studio hasn’t been too bad though so I picked up this mini copper fan from Wilko which is perfect for the desk. Copper-Mini-Fan

Continuing the health theme, I have an update on my migraines. I have now been med free for almost 4 months which feels like a huge deal. Towards the end of last year, I wanted to focus on alternative treatments so began acupuncture and decided to reduce my medication and eventually stop. I soon discovered the Cefaly device which treats migraines through transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. I wear the headband device for 20 minutes a day (or longer if I am suffering with an attack) and it treats my condition by relaxing the trigeminal nerve where migraines begin.

So far, I really feel like this is working for me (I’m 4 weeks in) and I am starting to see a difference in being able to abort attacks without any pain meds at all. It is a truly bizzare sensation (think SUPER intense pins and needles all over your head for 20+ minutes), but it’s nothing compared to the discomfort of multiple migraines a week. It’s been my biggest favourite this month and I’d be happy to share more of my experiences with the device if anyone would find it useful.



Anyway, back to cute things! Hello Harriet relaunched her website this month with the cutest animal illustrations. I picked up this Doge pad for G (love that meme!) and some kitty washi for my planner. All so cute.

And finally, I decided to start a craft project just for me, as an excuse to have some downtime every couple of days. I still really struggle with time off, so this crochet bobble blanket project will help! I’m making it in yarn colours that are close to my brand so it will probably live in the studio once complete and help me stay cosy in the winter. Watch this space for updates!Crochet-Bobble-Blanket

So a real mishmash of favourites this month, with a few updates thrown in. Do share with me what you’ve been loving!



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3 thoughts on “July Favourites 2016

  1. Loving your crochet Claire!!
    I too am having time out, just to stop… I think a stint of punting would be wonderful to keep the holiday bubble going!
    Have you tried yoga for your migraines it really helps me – I think it’s all those upside down poses ??!
    Catch up soon…
    Mel xx

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