Life Lately: In The Studio #9

Time to share a little more behind the scenes in the studio. Lately, I have spent a lot of time working on the computer doing copywriting and social media work, but you’re unlikely to be interested in photos of me in my cactus print pyjamas working on my laptop! So that’s why I’m going to share the makes I’ve been working on behind the scenes today.

I’ll be the first to admit that the desk is not usually this tidy, but I’ve been switching up my pegboard decor and flowers every couple of weeks. Tulips for Spring……


…..then Peonies for June!Claireabellemakes-Studio-Peonies

I wanted to work on a new sign for market stalls, so got in touch with Laura at Bespoke Laser to create a wooden Claireabellemakes sign.

I painted it in my brand colours and I love the result! It now comes with me to markets….Claireabellemakes-Laser-Cut-Wooden-Sign

….and stays in the studio when I am not out and about.Claireabellemakes-Studio-Pegboard

I use a clipboard for displaying prints on my pegboard as it means I can change them regularly, depending on my mood. Whatever-Makes-You-Weird-Print

There was a ton of print packing in the studio over the last month, including my new collaborative collection with Daphne Rosa and the designs for Blogtacular.Hustle-Hard-Floral-Print

The view from the studio hasn’t been all that consistent (June hail anyone?!), but there have been a few sunny days as the start of summer arrived.View-From-Claireabellemakes-Studio

I’ve worked on some great custom word art frames for my local, regular customers which has really made me smile.Custom-Word-Art-Frame-Whale-Background Custom-Word-Art-Frame-Grey-Chevron

I’ve also worked on wholesale orders including a bunch of bicycle bracelets for Cycling Center Lab. All the colours!Claireabellemakes-Bicycle-Bracelets

One of my regular tasks in the studio is to undertake Scrabble tile audits. Of course I use a Scrabble notebook and pencil for that task! If you have any ideas for how to keep track of my tiles in stock I’d love to hear them. I’ve been using a tally, but they get used so frequently I often forget to update it!Scrabble-Notebook-and-Pencil

If you follow my Snapchat you will know that I can’t work without Tammy constantly needing my attention! She was pretty naughty last week and plonked herself on the desk, but usually she’s on my chair as soon as I stand up for a second.Cat-On-Desk-Claireabellemakes-Studio

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little behind the scenes update today. I’m still working on clearing out all my supplies in the studio, so expect more Instagram sales soon!



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