Life Update and Digital Detox

Lately I’ve been desperately trying to keep my head above water juggling lots of freelance work and keeping up with my business goals. The day job has been a little stressful of late and I have felt stretched in many ways.

I’m grateful that things have been so busy. Busy feels like progress and an opportunity to learn. I’ve started some new ventures and I feel excited. So what have I been doing?

I began work as Social Media Manager for We Make Collective which many of you will know I am already a DIY contributor for. I now write regularly for Homedit and Simple Stylish Makes which I enjoy very much. I have also started working with Jenny Hyde on her content studio to provide designer-makers with high quality product images, descriptions, tags/search terms and even product upload to various platforms. This is all in addition to running this blog, making wholesale orders and releasing new products for my shop on a monthly basis.

I’m still learning to take time off. Sometimes I feel that time off is time wasted for working towards my big dreams. But I know downtime is imperative for me to maintain my health and wellbeing and that I need to relax to give my brain a break.

So what’s my digital detox plan? Well, right now I’m glamping on the Suffolk coast with G and I’ve promised to switch off social media for a few of days. This blog post and some social media has been scheduled and we are probably playing travel Scrabble, taking walks along the (rainy) beach and finishing off some knitting projects. Enjoying each others company and having some head space. G has been so incredibly patient with me and my hectic work schedule that I want to switch off and live in the moment with him if only for a few days.

When I return I’ll be attending Blogtacular for the second time and I can’t wait. I feel like I have so many awesome creative people to catch up with! I hope to vlog the day so will be sharing my experience soon.

I hope you enjoyed my little update today!



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