Claireabellemakes Collaborates On New Prints

June has been the craziest month for the business so far. There has been a lot happening behind the scenes which I will reveal as the month progresses, but suffice to say the studio is not tidy and I am functioning on little sleep!

However, everything that is happening is exciting and motivating and I’m super proud to share one of the behind the scenes projects with you today – my first collaborative product!

I teamed up with Kate from Daphne Rosa to create a collection of motivational prints with a beautiful floral design.  I’ve always admired Kate’s fabric flowers since we first met at a market back in 2013, so being able to work together on this collection has been really fantastic and has given me an opportunity to try a different aesthetic.

There are 5 prints in the collection, each with a positive phrase. We think they are perfect for creatives and small business owners to display in their workspaces! Each print can be purchased separately or as a set of 5 with a wooden stand. Hustle Hard Stand Be Braver Stand You Got This Stand Girl Boss Stand Change The Game Stand

I love how they have turned out! It has been quite the learning curve working with another person and I plan to write a blog post all about the process very soon. One thing that I have learnt is that it is a whole lot of fun, but I would be really interested to hear if you have any questions.Claireabellemakes x Daphne Rosa Flyer

Grab some motivation for your walls here!



10 thoughts on “Claireabellemakes Collaborates On New Prints

  1. They look lovely, you’ve done really well! I’ve never collaborated with anyone, but it’s definitely something I’d look to do in the future. I think the logistics of working out what’s a fair split (both contribution and money-wise) would stump me a bit, so very interested in hearing more about the nitty-gritty of the process! Xx

  2. Gorgeous Claire! I love the ‘Be Braver’ one – so pretty, but the one I probably need is ‘You got this’ as I spend most of my working life in a panic that I am not good enough or organised enough etc etc! When my home office is finished I am going to invest in one of these – not yet tho, it has got too depressing buying things for a room that will be finished heaven-knows-when! (We started in October!!).

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