Planner Geek Out #4

For today’s post I’m sharing a new to me planner range – the Webster’s Pages Colour Crush Spring line. You might know that I’m a ring bound planner girl, so I picked up the platinum rose and blush and gold dot A5 planners, but these are also available as Travellers Notebooks too. Webster's-Pages-Colour-Crush-Planners-Unboxing

Webster’s Pages have reps who sell on their behalf and often take pre-orders. I ordered these via The Ink Road which is a US shop, but there are some UK stores such as Mrs Brimbles also selling the Webster’s Pages ranges.


Each planner comes in a box and with a charm. They are really well made and the inserts are super pretty! I actually switched from my Paperchase inserts because the Webster’s Pages ones are not lined and have more space in the weekend sections which I prefer.



One thing I like is the amount of pockets on the inside cover. Lots of space for sticky notes, business cards and clips!


The dashboard and dividers are well designed and are great if you aren’t keen on making your own as the tabs are blank.


And the paper quality is very nice. I used a Papermate Flair pen and there was no ghosting.


I’m always having a metallic moment, so I used some copper washi tapes from Unwrap Colour alongside some peach stickers from kikki.K to decorate. Sharing my weekly layouts on Instagram has been really great for motivating me to keep my planner looking pretty.


The only downside to ordering from The Ink Road was customs fees as the package came from the USA. However, Lara included some cute extras (cactus pen!!) which I wasn’t expecting.


I also recently purchased some cute planner clips from Cherry Blossom In The Market Square to use as page markers.

Planner-ClipsMy planner collection has really grown in the last 5 years! Some of these were gifts from brands, but I do think of them as accessories and like to switch them regularly – the joys of having a ring bound planner!


I’d definitely recommend the Webster’s Pages Colour Crush Planners. So far I’m really liking them, even if they are ever so slightly bigger than my kikki.K and Filofax planners.

For those of you that are kikki.K fans like me, I’m told there is a rose gold planner being released next week as well as a lilac one with gold dots.


I also filmed an unboxing video for the Webster’s Pages Colour Crush planners, so please do watch below if you like that kind of thing or you can find a link to the video here.

I have also been joining in some planner groups on Facebook lately and have noticed a few Planner Cons are being planned for the UK this year. After watching recent US Planner Con Geaux Wild, I think there are exciting times ahead for planner nerds to meet and share their passion.



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  1. After a planning fail (I’d gone digital, and it didn’t work!), I’ve just bought a new FIlofax and I love it. It’s actually revolutionised my life! The Webster planners are so pretty too (kinda wish I’d seen them before I bought my FF!).

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