DIY Envelope Pillow Cover

For today’s post I’ve teamed up with John Lewis to bring you a super simple sewing tutorial for a DIY Envelope Pillow Cover. DIY-Envelope-Pillow-Case-Claireabellemakes

I definitely consider myself a learner when it comes to sewing, I can make a few basic home furnishings such as curtains, pillows and cat beds, but I haven’t yet ventured into dress making and I’ve only sewn a zip once.

So when the Janome DC3050 sewing machine arrived in the studio, I thought I would share the way I make all pillow covers in our house!

I’m not even sure what all these stitches are for, but I’m looking forward to having a play around with them, especially the one that looks like hearts!

Janome-DC305-Sewing-Machine-Stitch-SelectionI decided to sew with a material I hadn’t used before on the machine, wool. This meant I needed to get some heavier needles than the basic cotton ones I already had. These inexpensive gold fabric scissors were from Tiger Stores and I am so impressed with them.Wool-Sewing-Machine-Needles

I had a 12″ square pillow to make the case for, so cut a fabric piece that was 12″ x 28″. Sewing-An-Envelope-Cushion-CoverI then hemmed the short edges by 0.5cm with a straight stitch. I love how the electronic sewing machines sort all the tension etc for you – I was never any good at that when I had a manual sewing machine! This one also has an automatic needle threader – it saves SO much time. Making-A-PIllow-Case

Next, I folded the two short edges in towards each other, overlapping them a little to create ‘the envelope’ and then pinned the side edges. The right side of your fabric should now be on the inside. I then stitched the pinned edges with a straight stitch, clipped the corners and turned the pillow cover right side out. How-To-Make-An-Envelope-CushionAdd the cushion pad and it’s all done! Such a quick sewing DIY and all you need to learn is how to sew in a straight line. You can adapt  this for any size cushion – a simple online search will bring up different measurements for when you want to make other size covers.DIY-Envelope-Pillow-Cover-Claireabellemakes

Sewing with wool fabric was not difficult, but it did shed fibres all over my desk! I am hoping to learn how to sew some simple zip pouches soon as I have quite a bit of fabric to use up in the studio. I shall get some tips from my Mum who has been mastering pillow covers with zips. Watch this space!How-To-Make-An-Envelope-Cushion-Cover

What have you been sewing lately?



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  1. Impressive Claire! Well done. xx One of my cushions is on its way to you – zip inserted! xx Love the sewing machine by the way! x

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