How To Store Spray Paint

Today I’ve teamed up with Rustoleum to bring you a painting project and an idea for how to store spray paint. As my studio is being decluttered and cleared out, I’m thinking about how I can store all my supplies!


A while back my Grandad was having a clear out and he passed me an old wooden wine rack. As a non drinker, I wanted to find a new purpose for it – so it has now been transformed into spray paint storage! Here’s what the upcycled wine rack looked like before painting.


These chalky finish furniture paints from Rustoleum are super easy to use – most surfaces require no preparation and they dry pretty quickly. I did a couple of coats of dusky pink to transform the wine rack into a paint can storage unit. One other good thing about these paints is that they are water based – oh and they hardly have any odour at all!


I really like the dusky pink colour and am looking forward to trying the winter grey, perhaps on a book case or drawer unit project.Spray-Paint-Storage-Rack

I don’t mind too much about storing my spray paint cans on their side as they are used regularly and I always shake them for a minute or so before using. I also turn the can upside down and spray for a short burst at the end of each use. This stops the spray nozzle from becoming clogged.


You can check out my other DIY project with Rustoleum here – the stone paint used for that one was SO cool!

Thanks for letting me share today. I’m actually on holidays in Scotland at the moment, but I’ll be back later this week and will hopefully have lots of photos to share with you!



*Rustoleum sent me the supplies for this project free of charge for their #makeityours campaign. Read more about my disclosure policy here.

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