Glitter Heart Pins In Store Now!

Today I’m sharing a product relaunch for the shop! For around 3 years now, I’ve stocked glitter heart pins in the Claireabellemakes Etsy store, but I wanted to revisit them to update the design a little and to make them more lightweight.  It feels like I’ve been working on them a while now, but I wanted to make them just perfect!Glitter-Heart-Pin-Colour-SelectionThere are now 8 colours available and each pin is made from a 3mm wooden laser cut heart and covered in non shedding glitter fabric. NO MESS HERE YAY!Glitter-Heart-Pin-Collection

I really enjoy revisiting products for development, especially as I have amended the shape of the heart and updated the packaging for these glittery pins too! Glitter Heart Pin Packaging ClaireabellemakesThey are now lightweight enough to be worn with other pins in your collection so you can up your #pingame and show off your flair! Glitter Heart Pin Card Back Glitter-Heart-Pins-Selection-Claireabellemakes

AAAAND, all UK customers will get free shipping on these sparkly gems! Always!


I might be going pin mad as I’m also working on another design which will be launched super soon……such a tease aren’t I?



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