Life Lately: In The Studio #7

Despite my best efforts, the floor of the studio is still messy. I haven’t quite recovered from Christmas so I must get it back in order soon! I’ll be having an Instagram sale soon over on my Claireabellesells account to help me declutter the space. Stay tuned for a sewing machine, fabrics, planners and lots of crafty bits and bobs.

In the meantime, the desk has been the productive space and I’ve been working on lots of projects. Here’s a little from behind the scenes with some sneak peeks of new products, DIYs and blog features coming soon!

Editing planner videos on a new laptop…..see more on my YouTube channel.


The wintery afternoon light has been so nice lately!Sunny-Studio-Claireabellemakes

I tried out Sugru for the first time which is a mouldable glue – perfect for home hacks and fixing things as it goes completely hard after 24 hours.Sugru-Mouldable-Glue

I decided to make hooks with Sugru to hang my scissors and headphones next to the desk. This stuff is brilliant and works really well!Sugru-Scissor-Hooks

Such a simple DIY and it literally took minutes to make.Hooks-For-Scissors-Made-From-SugruA peek at an upcoming blog post – the desk always gets a bit messy when I’m shooting photos for features!Stationery-Shoot-Claireabellemakes

I’ve been working on relaunching the Glitter Heart Pins for the shop, they are now much lighter making them more wearable. Coming to the shop soon!Glitter-Heart-Pin-In-Progress

I have also been working on new motivational wall art frames with new fabrics.Scrabble-Wall-Art-In-Progress

I am so impatient about this new product arriving! I can’t wait and hope to have them in the shop in early March.Rose-Gold-Enamel-Bicycle-Pin-Backing-Cards

Gearing up for some private craft parties and I’m starting to think about a Spring season soon. I’m working with new venues in Cambridge so watch this space!Tassel-Banner

Of course I’ve been enjoying some new stationery including kikki.K pens and sprinkles washi tape (available here).Sprinkles-Washi-Tape Do-What-You-Love

Another sneak peek at a DIY project!Padded-Shibori-Notebook-Cover

My friend Michaela managed to get me Super Scrabble for £10 this week! It has a bigger board, double the amount of tiles AND the opportunity for quadruple word scores.Super-Scrabble-Board-Game

I don’t know if I can bring myself to use the tiles in my makes so I think I’ll just play this one!Super-Scrabble-GameOf course my studio assistant has been keeping me company. Tammy-The-Persian-Claireabellemakes-Studio



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  1. I wondered where tammy was lately. It like the idea of the hooks. I may have to steal it and try some hooks in my craft room x

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