Kikki.K London Goals Workshop

Last week Kate and I attended a Goals Workshop at Kikki.K London which was the first UK workshop they had ever run! Even though I have already set some goals for 2016, I wanted to use the workshop as an opportunity to look at my big dreams and of course do a little stationery shopping.

You might say I am a bit of a Kikki.K fan girl. There are only a few brands that I buy into with such loyalty, but I really do appreciate their mission and find the story of how the business began really inspiring.

Our workshop leader was Morgan who began by sharing with us her story of how she came to work for Kikki.K and her personal journey of meeting her partner and travelling the world. We were each gifted a Goals Journal which we were guided through, along with champagne, chocolates and strawberries.

Firstly, we were tasked with determining our core values choosing 20 meaningful words from a big list, then just 10, and finally 3 for 2016. It was more difficult that we anticipated and I felt guilty eliminating certain values from my list. However, once we had finished the exercise, we realised it was a great way to reflect on what areas of our lives were currently in the foreground.


Next, we spent some time focusing on visualising what our “Dream Life” was. I’ve never approached goal setting in this way before, but really enjoyed imagining where I would like to be in a year’s time. We looked at lots of areas including what daily life would be like, who is important to us and what hobbies we enjoyed.

Morgan also suggested writing a letter to ourselves to open in a year. I hope to make some big changes to my life in 2016, so I am sure I will enjoy looking back on this section of the journal and reading what I imagined life to be like.


We discussed mood boards and using visual tools to help make sense of your goals. And of course the SMART acronym to help us achieve our goals as well as planning. The Goals Journal includes some planner pages to keep you on track and inspirational quotes to stay motivated.


One of the most useful (and simple!) things that I learnt from the workshop was to colour code different areas of your life when using a planner or to do list. That way you can evaluate how much of your time is spent on different areas, just by taking a quick glance at your layout. I will definitely take this forward for my daily planner and I am on the hunt for a good time tracking app too, so let me know if you have any recommendations!

Kikki.K-Goals-Journal-Gold-PenAfter the workshop we had the store to ourselves for some shopping! We looked at the new Valentines collection which is super cute and simplistic, using a classic red and white colour scheme. Of course Kate and I were like magpies drawn to all the gold and copper foiled stationery.


You can see more of the stationery goodies on offer in the video below and I’ll be sharing a haul post very soon including some wonderful things Kikki.K sent me specifically to share with you guys!

Cute-Valentines-Stationery-Kikki.KThe video below also shares snippets of the workshop and the Kikki.K London Store (Covent Garden). I am really enjoying creating content for YouTube at the moment, so please do check out my channel and subscribe if you like what you see!

Lastly, I have a Goals Journal I’d like to give away to one of you to say thank you for all your support! Just enter on the widget below and I’ll send it your way if you are the lucky winner picked at random. Giveaway ends 22 February 2016.


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41 thoughts on “Kikki.K London Goals Workshop

  1. Ahhh! Everything is so pretty at Kikki.K! I want to go but it would be pretty dangerous for my bank balance 😉 I love these planning tips though. I’m totally going to write a letter to myself for next year. I wish I’d done it last year when I was first starting full time self employment. That would be an interesting read!

  2. I’ve only one goal & that’s to get through 2016, there’s a lot happening health wise with my family this year so have decided to not put any pressure on myself

  3. My goals are mostly business related – I’m working really hard to make them happy. Ultimately, though, my goal this year is to achieve more balance and work towards better health.

  4. I have lost nearly a stone so far so I want to carry on losing weight until I reach my goal. I also want to try and get out and meet friends more so I can practice getting out and about.

  5. What a great workshop! Wish I’d written a letter to myself before switching day jobs to have part time self employment!

    My 2016 goal is to be more creative every day!

  6. This looks like such a fun workshop! I’d love to go visit the Kikki.K store one day, the website is so lovely so I bet the store is a dream. I think my goal this year is to make the most of every day, right now I feel it’s more important than ever! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  7. One of my main goals this year is to get word out about my workshops and start getting them filled up. It’s a work in progress, but at least its heading in the right direction!

  8. Love the look of the Kikki.K workshops & defo gonna get myself to one soon! My goals for 2016 are to grow my blog, become a more accomplished photographer & beat anxiety!
    Great post xx

  9. Oh I love this stationary! I have so many 2016 goals… to lose weight, to be not so busy, to be more organised and to chill out more, to see more of the outdoors…. I need to write a list! x

  10. I have a plan for the next year that I’m really excited about. This planner is just the thing to keep me on track. I bet the workshop was awesome xxx

  11. Key word for 2016 – ‘refocus’. I made some big changes by moving to live in the UK from New Zealand and doing lots of travel and embracing history were the main motivators for the move. So inspired by your blog and love the sound of this workshop – going to check it out now to enrol 🙂

  12. This looks like it was such a great workshop and I’m a huge fan of setting goals (big and small!) Brilliant post Claire!

    Might have to add going to the Kikki.K store of my list of new places to explore 🙂

  13. Sounded like a really great workshop! My main goal for 2016 is to push out of my comfort zone which is always easier said than done, but so far so good 🙂 xxx

  14. Hi! Would you recommend going to the workshop? There’s one on next week and I’m wondering whether to go.
    I read a lot around goal setting and personal development, so I’m worried that I won’t really learn anything new. I lack discipline in the execution part. But then again maybe the act of filling in the book in that kind of environment may help.

    1. I think it covered the basics of goal setting which you might already know. However, having the journal and working through it together as a group with the leader was useful and interesting. It might help as you say! They do talk about accountability buddies which might be useful for you too. If you aren’t sure you can always ring the store too and ask to speak with Morgan who runs the workshops. Good luck!

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