Planner Geek Out #1

Today I want to share with you the planners I am using for 2016. Yes, that was plural. As I work full-time, run Claireabellemakes as a side hustle and have a life to live alongside it, I’m upping my planner game this year. I’m running 3 planners and so far it’s working and not taking too much time apart from the initial set up.

My day-to-day planner is the Kikki.K Large Perforated Leather Planner in peach. It is the same as my ice blue version and I’m largely running it as I did last year. It is divided into calendar, blog, business, finances, health and notes.


You can watch my full set-up video here if you like that kind of thing (I love watching these kind of videos for planner ideas and inspiration!).


Next up is the Craftsposure business planner for 2016. Here’s where I can go into more detail for my business plans and map out goals and growth over the year. This planner is book bound and really good value.  It also includes features such as a marketing calendar, statistics tracking and budget sheets.


I may share a video of this in the near future, so do subscribe to my You Tube channel if you want to see more. I think the planner is also on offer with free worldwide shipping at the moment too. How nice are the inside covers?!


Finally, I am also using The Happiness Planner. If you want to see a full review you can see a post here which also includes a video walk through. I use the planner just before I sleep to reflect on my day and note the happy moments.


I’m really looking forward to seeing how happy my year was at the end on 2016 as I will have documented every day! I am also thinking about sharing an updated video of the planner one month in, so let me know if you would be interested in seeing that.

You might be wondering what I am doing with the rest of my planner collection. Don’t worry they are making themselves useful by holding inserts from last year, important paperwork and spare paper!


Planner Geek Out will be a new series for 2016 and will replace the Filofax Inspiration series. I hope you guys will enjoy it! Do let me know in the comments if there is anything planner related that you are interested in seeing. Any excuse to share my obsession eh?!



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11 thoughts on “Planner Geek Out #1

  1. Im having a major planner geek out myself recently too. I’m trying to fit it ALL into the itty bitty teeny Kikki K cute diary(which is MEGA cute!)… maybe I need a few more planners. hehe! YES YES YES to all the planner video suggestions, would def like to see. i can loose hours to planner set up vids… didn’t even know they were a ‘thing’ until recently… x

  2. I love love planners but I have got so bad at using them lately. I have the happy planner from mambi and was very tempted by the craftsposure one but decided maybe next year! Need to get more disciplined at filling mine in definitely.

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