Tammy Is A Craft Superstar!

If you read my 2015 review post, you will know that I’ve recently started working with Creativity Magazine (available here). It was a new magazine to me and I wanted to share it with you as 1) I’m really impressed with the projects and styling AND 2) my latest project for them involves Tammy and we all know the internet loves cats!


Now, it’s confession time. Remember in early 2015 when I talked about how much I loved Project Life and how I was going to document all the exciting things that happened over the year? Well life got busy and I completely failed after February. I had a list of events and memories to capture and no time to scrapbook them. It’s definitely a goal of mine to catch up on scrapbooking and have it as a ‘down time’ project just for me.

Anyway, for Creativity Magazine Issue 66, I tested out Do Crafts latest scrapbooking kits and shared my tips and tricks for fun layouts and how to use materials. Tammy is the star of the show and I think she looks the cutest ever. Our friend Martin took the photo years ago and it is amazing how her fluffy face has changed as she has gotten older.


The theme for the January issue is Geometric and I love that cushion project on the front! That reminds me, I have a cushion kit to try from the New Craft House which I must start and share with you soon!


Do you have any tips for me when I finally catch up on my scrapbooking? I have tons of supplies, I just need to get on with it really.



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