Claireabellemakes 2016 Goals

As an organisation and planner geek, I thoroughly enjoy the new year. I love to set up my planner and make goals for the months ahead. Today I’ve decided to share my 2016 goals with you, mostly so I’m accountable to the internet and actually get things done! Starting with my personal goals……


Finish that knitted jumper

I started a Wool And The Gang kit a while back and it’s been slow progress. It really needs to be completed or else it will be summer and I wont be able to wear it!

Crochet a blanket

Last year I purchased some lovely yarn in my brand colours. I want to make a blanket for the studio instead of just looking at the yarn.

Get back into scrapbooking

Must update Project Life binder! So many things to document from 2015.

Maintain a clean and tidy home

G has been SO patient with me, but last year I basically made a tip of our home by spilling out of the studio and never having time to tidy up after myself. No more clutter and back to my cleaning schedule. Separate work and living spaces needed!

Schedule self care time

My acupuncture lady reminded me I should take time off. The Christmas break also showed me I NEEDED it too. I want to have more baths with Lush Bath Bombs and spend time getting back into rollerskating for fun.

Continue my weight loss journey

I joined Slimming World in 2015 and have lost a stone. Half way through and I don’t hate the plan because I can still eat a bit of chocolate. My group is pretty ace too.

More date nights with G

Because he’s bloody brilliant and always always supports me in everything I do.

Last year, my business word was COLLABORATE and this year I am choosing two words; LEARN and GROW. I want to apply that to these business goals….


Keep the studio in order

It was a tip for the last 4 months of 2015 (way worse than the photo above). It impacted my productivity and ability to hoover the floor. Too much stuff. And yes, I’ve read that book.

Grow blog readership

Readership has been growing steadily since 2012, but I want to grow the blog this year by creating content which is more shareable. I enjoyed working with brands in 2015 and will continue to do so.

Share more DIYs

Goes together with growing readership, I want to bring more DIYs back to the blog as well as more planner and organisational posts. Do leave a comment if there are things you want to see more of!

Increase Freelance contracts

Writing for other companies was a great way for me to learn in 2015. I want to build on this and connect with international publications.

Release stationery products

After creating a notebook prototype, I’ll be planning more stationery products this year and will begin working on a calendar in the next few weeks.

Create a shop on my website

Etsy has worked well for me, but it’s about time right?

Learn more about video production

I want to invest in new video equipment and learn techniques and skills that will improve the quality of my videos.

Devise a strategy for You Tube channel

I am a big consumer of You Tube videos and would like to be part of that from the creator side. After a dabble in 2015, I now want to create themes for the channel and to up my game to monetise my content.

Stay up to date with accounting 

I was horrendous at this in 2015 and I will be researching software and apps to make this a more streamlined and less laborious task for my business. I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually likes doing their accounts!!

Take Classes

I want to make use of my Skillshare subscription and take classes in different creative areas. Recommendations welcomed! I’m also starting this goal by taking a woodworking class at my local hardware store in a couple of weeks.

Long Term

I still have a long term goal of making Claireabellemakes a full-time business for me, as well as writing my own book at some point!

Feel free to prod me throughout 2016 to ask me how I’m getting on with these goals….I might need it!

What are your goals for the year ahead?



15 thoughts on “Claireabellemakes 2016 Goals

  1. I love reading people’s goals! Yours sound fab, really exciting, and judging by your previous round up post of 2015 (which is amazing by the way!) I have no doubt you will achieve them. I’m such a huge fan of Claireabellemakes you have achieved so much and it’s really inspiring. x
    Jo recently posted…2016 Goals & ResolutionsMy Profile

    1. Thanks for your support Jo! I love it when you comment as you’ve been a long time follower and it makes me happy that people still want to see what I’m up to. Hope all is well with you x

  2. That’s a whole lotta goals! Am joining in with attempting my first knitted garment this year, and making an effort to reinstate date nights! Always have stationery envy when I visit your blog. Look forward to seeing your blanket!

    1. Good luck with the knitting Becca! Creating garments is super satisfying. I get really smug when I wear my hand crocheted jumper! Stay tuned for more stationery – my addiction has only grown!

  3. Hello
    Enjoying reading your goals and laughing at how you describe the mess creeping out of your room, it was the same here before christmas!
    Love to see you produce some i love your style!
    I too am trying to share more diys, they just take sooo long to do!
    bestest wishes
    Daisy x

  4. hi : ) did you ever make a chunky fisherman’s rib blanket in the end, or just the scarf? am thinking about knitting a blanket but cant seem to visualise how it would look in the end.. google images is not helping.. I love the look of your scarf though

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