A Cambridge Satchel Collection

I don’t consider myself a materialistic person, but I do struggle to let go of really pretty and useful items. I recently read this book and managed to discard (donate) some old handbags. However, I absolutely couldn’t let go of my Cambridge Satchel Company bags as I consider them life long belongings, so I thought I would share them with you today. (Apologies to anyone who is vegan, feel free to skip this post).


The first satchel I ever received was this 15″ classic red batchel as a gift from colleagues when I left my last day job. I use it daily as my ‘work’ bag and love how the leather has become a little worn.Cambridge-Satchel-Red-Batchel

It has my initials embossed on the front and regularly gets thrown in my bike basket when I’m cycling around Cambridge.Red-Cambridge-Satchel-Bag

This summer I took photos for a friend’s wedding and they gave me a satchel as a thank you gift – they know me well! This cream 11″ satchel has been my go to bag for coffee dates with G. Cambridge Satchel Company

I got free embossing on this one at the Cambridge store (they run offers from time to time), so opted for a gold bicycle and my initials to match the gold hard ware.

My blue twist lock shoulder bag in blue is the only Cambridge Satchel I have purchased myself. This one was originally £240 and reduced to £120. I waited as long as I possibly could and got it for £70 just before the sale ended!
Cambridge-Satchel-Shoulder-Bag-BlueIt has a tiny bicycle on the twist lock and also on the studs too. I really like the shoulder bag, but now I’m looking at the new tote range and coveting one of those…..5 is too many right?Twist-Lock-Cambridge-SatchelCambridge-Satchel-Company-Shoulder-Bag

This 11″ mint satchel was a gift from G and my family for my 30th a couple of years ago. I got it at the same time as some mint converse sneakers – I love a bit of matchy matchy.Mint-Cambridge-Satchel

Predictably, I went for bicycle embossing again, but this time in silver to match the buckles. Sometimes when I am cycling through the city, I spot the Cambridge Satchel Company car that the owner Julie Deane drives. Mint-Cambridge-SatchelClaireabellemakes-#CSCSpottedI often follow along with the story behind Cambridge Satchel Company and I admire Julie for acknowledging how much fashion bloggers helped her brand grow after she started with a budget of just £600. They are releasing endless lines each month (hello cloud bag!) and are proud of using UK manufacturers.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills are currently working with Julie Deane to undertake an independent review of self employment in the UK. If you’re interested, you can take the survey here (closes 8 November 2015). I’ll be interested to see what comes of it. Cambridge-Satchel-Collection-Claireabellemakes

Thanks for letting me share today. It’s not often I’ll buy into a brand with such loyalty, but it just goes to show, sharing your story and business journey can really be a great way to connect and drive things forward. I’m definitely inspired and proud to call the place where it all started my home.

The Cambridge Satchel Co.



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