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Today I thought I’d share a little stationery love with you and indulge in my planner collection. I’ve used a planner since I was a teen, when I had a pink pocket Filofax which got me through my studies and early adult life. Now I have so much more to keep track of, so I have upped my planner game.

I currently have 6 planners (one not pictured, but more on this later). I use one of these planners to keep track of my personal and business life and then switch in and out of them when I fancy a change. My preference is to use a ring bound planner (rather than spiral, disc or book bound), as I find it easier to organise.

Collecting planners can be an expensive hobby, but I figure it is better than buying cigarettes or alcohol!


My current planner is a Large Perforated Leather Kikki K one in ice blue. This is equivalent to an A5 size planner from Filofax. Kikki K are definitely my favourite planner brand and I’m so psyched to see their London store open later this year!

This is the first planner I’ve had with a popper closure rather than an elastic and I find it stays in better condition. The Kikki K inserts are sometimes a little thin in paper quality, but the beauty of a ring bound planner means you can change that if you wish! See my full review and unboxing of this planner here.


I also use the Kikki K Large Leather Lilac and Gold Time planner, which again is A5 sized. I think this is no longer in stock, but Kikki K release new planners all the time so it may come back in a different form!


These planners can be stuffed pretty full and both have gold rings inside. The front inside cover is probably my favourite of all the planners as it has plenty of little pockets and a zip section.


I like to create custom dividers and ‘dashboards’ (the first page of your planner) and also decorate each week with washi tape, stickers and journalling cards for quotes.


Next up is a Filofax planner. Also ring bound, the Filofax A5 Domino Patent Organiser in turquoise has probably been used the least. I love the colour and shiny look, but all my papers and sticky notes kept falling out of the inside pocket each time I opened it. Apart from that, it’s a great planner and is really affordable in comparison to leather planners.


I also have the A5 Domino Filofax Planner in deep pink which is a really solid planner and also affordable at about £35 in most retailers. Mine did suffer a few scuffs and dents in my bag, but that is to be expected from a planner which gets daily use. At the moment, it holds spare planner paper and inserts.


Last year I was introduced to a new planner – The Happiness Planner. A gratitude journal combined with a planner, it encourages self reflection and positive thinking. Even though it was a hardbound book, I loved it’s gold foil design and inspirational contents.

You can see my review of the 2015 planner here and do come back on Saturday when I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the 2016 Happiness Planner. It’s really quite pretty and is selling out fast!

A-Review-of-Happiness-Planner-by-ClaireabellemakesEDIT: I may have also miscounted. I actually have 7 planners after I got the Blogtacular x Lollipop planner for organising my blog!



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  1. I’m a planner lover too! I currently have a personal size Paperchase planner and a Happy Planner. I’m hoping to get an A5 planner (not sure which one yet though! I don’t have the ££ for a Kikki-K right now though) to re-home my Happy Planner, but we’ll see!!

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