DIY Simple Pet Bed

They say you should never work with children or animals. But when Laura Ashley asked me to work with them on a pet themed DIY, I knew I couldn’t pass them up and that it was Tammy’s time to shine! #internetfamouscat

Our Persian cat Tammy is 11 years old and is just as cute as when we first got her aged 1. She has a super squishy face and a really loud miaow. She hates the ironing board, loves rustling papers and is fond of sleeping on cushions.

So, I got to work making this cushion based pet bed for Tammy using this beautiful fabric from the new Laura Ashley ranges.

DIY-Simple-Pet-Bed-Claireabellemakes -for-Laura-AshleyPet-Bed-DIY-by-ClaireabellemakesI show you a step-by-step guide for creating your own pet bed on the Laura Ashley blog here

It is really really easy I promise. If you don’t have a pet, do take a look as the cushion DIY is useful in itself. There are so many pretty DIYs on their blog too, so make sure to take a look around!

Tammy does love her new bed, despite her expression above. Perhaps we should start a marketing campaign to make her the NEW grumpy cat, what do you think?

This has definitely got me thinking about more pet themed DIYs for the blog. Any ideas for things you’d like to see? Just let me know in the comments below.



3 thoughts on “DIY Simple Pet Bed

  1. Ahhh hello tammy. She has beautiful eyes. Love this tutorial. Wouldn’t mind seeing a tutorial for a cat toy. Maybe a mouse. Suppose it has to stand up to being eating my the cat though x

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