Makers Gonna Make Wall Art

Just dropping in to let you know there’s some new stuff in the shop!

These “Makers Gonna Make” wall art frames are some of my favourite Scrabble inspired gifts I’ve made. They are currently available in two background fabrics.

Makers-Gonna-Make-Scrabble-Wall-Art-Claireabellemakes Makers-Gonna-Make-Scrabble-Wall-Art-Claireabellemakes-Grey Makers-Gonna-Make-Wall-Art-Grey-CloseUp


Shop-Now-ClaireabellemakesI hope you like them! It might sound crazy, but I am going to be thinking about Christmas ranges pretty soon. If you have any requests, send them my way! I’ll be bringing back the Scrabble Inspired Christmas card collections too.

Anyway, enough of that. Back to summer!



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