DIY Paper Straw Bunting

Today I’ve teamed up with Tiger Stores UK to share a simple DIY where I show you how to make Paper Straw Bunting.

Tiger is one of my favourites stores – it’s a crazy mix of things you never thought you needed. Art and crafts supplies, homewares, toys, snacks, party supplies and tons more! You can find your nearest store by searching on their website here.

I often visit the Cambridge store and the staff are always so awesome and friendly. They will always help me find things I’ve seen the week before and it’s perfect for my craft party supplies!

Paper-Straw-Bunting-DIY-ClaireabellemakesSo how do these paper straws become cute bunting? It’s so easy, I promise.


Here’s a step by step guide:DIY-Paper-Straw-Bunting

Step 1) Cut 2 x 2″ pieces and 1 x 1.5″ piece from each straw

Step 2) Grab some contrasting string or yarn

Step 3) Thread the string through the 1.5″ piece of straw, then subsequently through both of the 2″ pieces.

Step 4) Bring the string back through the small piece of straw and pull the string. The straws will then form a triangle shape.

Step 5) Pull the string through allowing enough excess to thread more straws onto. Gently push the first straw along the string as you go.

Step 6) Repeats steps 1-4 until you have the desired amount of bunting flags.


Cute eh? I think it is perfect for a party decoration. I’ll definitely be taking the paper fans and a stash of straws to my next craft parties.Styling-A-Party-With-Tiger-Stores-Claireabellemakes

Thanks again to Tiger for asking me to work with their amazing products!



*Supplies for this DIY and decor items were kindly provided by Tiger Stores UK. Read more about my disclosure policy here.

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