April Favourites 2015

April whizzed by with lots of sunshine and lovely things. I had some great family time with G’s side as we ventured up to Birmingham for the Gadget Show and a weekend away. I bought a selfie stick on the strict rule that it is only used for our Disney trip later this year…..

I also caught up with my Dad who I hadn’t seen since December (waaay too long) and we ate Dunkin’ Donuts and drank tea in the garden whilst he told me off for poor weeding efforts. He reminded me my bike needs a wash and told us about his afternoon naps in his garden hammock. Basically he keeps me in line and reminds us to relax more too. He is definitely the bestest favourite this month.


He likes it when I buy him ‘lary’ shirts.


I was brave and started roller skating. The glitter skates are obviously amazing, but haven’t given me immediate super whizzy skating skills like I dreamt one night. Anyway, I’m not awful and haven’t fallen down (yet) but I am not confident to go out alone. G comes with me and jogs alongside (and holds my hand when I wobble), but I have convinced him to get a pair too. Oh, and for those of you who asked – I’m not gonna roller derby, it’s just for fun and exercise!


This month I also started my You Tube channel for Claireabellemakes. I’ve been using the Canon PowerShot S120 camera to shoot videos and I’m impressed with it so far. The battery life isn’t amazing, but spare ones aren’t too much, so I can always have one on charge.


This month some gorgeous earrings caught my eye, so I treated myself. These copper boho beauties were made by Debbie who is a fellow Etsy Cambridge team member. Do have a look at her shop here.


Wool and the Gang were having a massive sale (40% off!) so I had to grab a knitting kit right?! I have wanted one for ages and have been holding out for a discount. I went for the Julia sweater kit which is made from the Shiny Happy Cotton yarn. So nice. When I’ll have time to knit it is another topic…..I’ve also got the sweater dress on my wish list.


Staying on the subject of craft supplies, the lovely people at the Sew Crafty Sewing Centre sent me some goodies to share with you all. BIKE FABRIC and teapot buttons eeeeee! They sell online so you can get your shop on here.


I can’t do a favourites post without mentioning stationery and paper goods. I’m still obsessing over the A Beautiful Mess subscription boxes as I now have Happy Mail and Messy Box (scrapbooking supplies) delivered.

Office Art Metallic-Stationery Messy-Box-Scrapbooking

I’ve been lucky enough to have been given 4 bunches of flowers this month! How super lovely is that? My sister sent a surprise bunch for Easter (love you Em!), I received some from work colleagues when I moved into my new office, and two ace friends gave me some pretty blooms. I felt truly spoiled but grateful.



And lastly, the cutest favourite has got to be Tammy. She has been SO SNUGGLY lately and has recently taken to enjoying belly rubs after 12 years of not really taking an interest in them. Here she is doing her best grumpy sleepy face.


Phew, a lot of things were enjoyed in April! What were your favourites for the month?

I’ll be back Friday with a Project Life Scrapbook update as I finally got around to documenting February. I’ll catch up soon!



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  1. Just reading this now and loving the skates! Your Dad is still such a handsome chap! Hope you enjoyed your catch up with him.

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