Ask Me Anything 2015

Back in 2013 I did a series of posts where you guys could Ask Me Anything. As it has been exactly 2 years, I thought I would do it again, especially as there are lots more of you now yay!

So how does this work? You get to ask me whatever you like in the comments below and I have to answer in a second blog post. It can be about my business, my life, my blog, my cat, whatever you wish!


I will do my best to answer every question and to be interesting! I like little experiments like these as I am really nosey and I bet some of you are too 🙂

The answers will be posted a week or so later – so keep an eye out. I’d love to also get to know you guys a little more, so please do tell me a bit about yourselves when you ask a question too.

So it’s over to you in the comments now – be kind!



7 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything 2015

  1. Is Cambridge a good place to be a crochet fanatic? For example, is there a network of crafters, lots of good supplies, places to sell crocheted items? I’m moving back to Cambridge myself next year and would love to hear your view.

  2. I’d love to know more about your journey towards becoming a small business owner. How did you start? What has been your biggest challenge? How do you have the confidence to put yourself out there?! Any advice for someone wanting to start their own etsy store? Thanks!

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