Crochet Lemon Stress Ball Pattern

One of the reasons I craft is to help my well-being. I’ve suffered with migraines for around 17 years now and not only is craft my business and my hobby, it is a way to relax and distract from pain. There are days when I can’t do much more than lay in a dark room, but when I am well enough, I turn to crochet, knitting and papercrafts to relieve stress and anxiety.


So when the Craft Yarn Council in the US got in touch with me about their social media campaign for National Stress Awareness Month, I jumped at the chance to share #StitchAwayStress with you all. Especially as it involves stories from other crafters and a free crochet and knitting pattern for this When Life Gives You Lemons Stressball by Twinkie Chan! Keep reading to download the pattern.


If you follow along with the Craft Yarn Council on Instagram, you can find lots more creative ways to stay stress free as well as activity ideas, giveaways, and videos to help boost your mood.


Download the free lemon stress ball patterns at the following links:

Knitting pattern

Crochet Pattern

You can also find a video tutorial for the crochet pattern with Twinkie Chan below! (Remember the pattern will be in US terms).

This video reminded me that a simple craft can bring so much to some people. I especially loved hearing Michael talk about knitting when flying to help with anxiety after 911.

I really hope you will join in the crafty fun and perhaps make a stress ball of your own.  The Craft Yarn Council are encouraging people to share photos of their lemons on social media with the hash tag #stitchawaystress and #lemonstressball.

I’d love for you to share your personal story on how craft has helped you. Come and find me on Twitter and make sure to share with the Craft Yarn Council there too.

Happy crafting and relaxing!




4 thoughts on “Crochet Lemon Stress Ball Pattern

  1. I love these kinds of craft projects, like the sheepish hearts, the craftism projects and knit for charity.
    I LOVE this one, shame I don’t have any yellow yarn at the moment.
    Crafting is great for my health, especially as a distraction and focus/concentration.

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