March Favourites 2015

March has been full of nice things. G got me some lovely bright daffodils and Spring arrived. Here’s a bumper blog post of what else I’ve been enjoying throughout the month.

Spring-DaffodilsWe usually have a coffee date at the weekends and often go to our local Starbucks. For maybe 10 years now, I have collected Starbucks mugs from around the world. I started when I left my job at the Leicester Square London store and my colleagues gave me one as a gift.

Now friends grab me one when they travel and G even got me one from Tokyo a few years back. Of course, that is the one I broke – it’s from farthest away. If you ever happen to go to Tokyo, please grab me one and I will pay you!

Anyway, despite Cambridge being a tourist city, Starbucks mugs weren’t available. Apparently there is some rule where you have to have 5 stores in a place before you qualify as ‘mugworthy’. Cambridge ignored that and FINALLY started selling mugs. I was pretty excited about this, let me tell you. I don’t even drink from mugs. I just keep them all in a cupboard as we don’t even have anywhere to display them.

But at least I have one for my home city now! Plus I’m not even the craziest person to get excited about the mug – the barista told me that one woman ordered 130!!


I promise this whole post isn’t just about mugs I never drink from…(but it’s GOT A BICYCLE ON IT).


Staying with the local theme, G and I also ventured out for brunch one weekend at a new cafe called Espresso Library. It is themed for cyclists with bike racks on the walls and lycra gear to purchase. Terribly hipster in decor, but relaxed in atmosphere.

Espresso Library-Cafe-Cambridge

The brunch speaks for itself. I opted for mashed avo and eggs on sourdough toast with a green juice, whilst G had a chunk of carrot cake and a latte. Obviously I couldn’t pass up a macaron staring me in the face at the counter too. Definitely going back as it was super reasonable – £4.50 for the avo toast!

Espresso Library Cambridge

I’m also loving raspberries at the moment. They are the perfect snack for when I’m working in the studio (sneaky crepe optional).


My beauty favourite of the month is Lush (surprise surprise!). What keeps me going there is the amazing service in the Cambridge store and also the seasonal products. The bunny bath bomb had popping candy in it! The Million Dollar Moisturiser was a freebie from #CambMeetUp and is a full size product. It’s a thick luscious cream which takes a while to sink into my skin, but it leaves it feeling super soft and hydrated for a couple of days afterwards.


Moving onto stationery faves – the Lucky Dip Club box is a winner again! A recent box included personalised pencils and this amazing glitter lips pin.


Each box now comes with a zine which has some great paper/wall art possibilities when folded. You're-So-Cool

Slogan pencils are becoming a new obsession. From top to bottom, this selection is from Oh Squirrel, Vivid Please, A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail, Gifts and Pieces and Lucky Dip Club for the bottom two.


I haven’t neglected pens though. As you may know, I am practising hand lettering (when I have time) and have found a couple of pens that I love! The Pentel Brush Pen is great for trying out different strokes and the Paper Mate Flair Pen is my go to for day-to-day list writing.

Last year I tried out digital magazine subscriptions to try and save some shelf space. I’ve gone back to a paper sub for Mollie Makes Magazine as I prefer it. The Comic Relief Crafternoon Magazine special was just brilliant. So many great projects.


I also came across two new magazines this month – Simply Sewing which is a sister magazine of Mollie Makes, and #Crochet which I only found out about as somebody told me I was in it! What a great surprise that was. Both are fantastic magazines and I am hoping I will soon find some time to craft for myself.


Here’s my little feature in the middle column!


I subscribed to Simply Sewing at the Knitting and Stitching Show and received this free tote. I have so many cotton tote bags, but this one is super thick. I really want to up my sewing game this year, so I hope the magazine will give me some inspiration.

So there you have it, lots of crafty favourites this month. I’m off to Espresso Library again tomorrow for a business brunch date with my friend Kate. I may have to have another macaron! Have a great weekend.




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  1. I never saw that comic relief magazine anywhere I think it sold out really quickly. Yeah I don’t think I would get on with digital magazines, it just wouldn’t be the same x
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