5 Free Crochet Food Patterns

Maybe it’s because I’m trying to resist treats lately, but are crochet food patterns cropping up more and more online? I’m not complaining mind. Cute crochet macarons and pizza garlands?! Definitely worth learning to crochet for.

I love a good blanket project and I even indulge in a yearly sweater project, but I do have the urge to crochet an entire tea party for some reason. Here are 5 of my favourite free crochet patterns for food items. Enjoy!5-Crochet-Food-Patterns-Free

Crochet Pizza Garland / Crochet Macarons

Crochet Donuts / Crochet Pancakes / Crochet Fruit Potholders

A couple of years ago I spotted this amazing stop motion video and it never fails to make me smile. Do take the time to watch it and I promise you will be inspired! I think I would be much slimmer if all cakes were made this way!

Black Forest Cake from Marion Ber on Vimeo.




15 thoughts on “5 Free Crochet Food Patterns

  1. That video is quite honestly the sweetest thing ever! Been sat here with a massive cheesy grin on my face watching it!!
    Wednesday afternoon project – crochet doughnuts!! They look amazing1
    Abel x

  2. Love the video, it’s genius! I’ve been admiring Twinkie Chan’s crochet food and tempted to crochet a cupcake. I Like the look of those macaroons though!
    Fiona x (@fizzijayne)

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