DIY Tassel Bike Basket

Every Spring I like to give my bicycle a little update. When the sun comes out it feels like the perfect time to think of a new bike basket decoration. At the weekend, Florence’s basket pom poms were removed and some tassels took their place.


I decided to use cotton dk yarn in baby blue and white.


Rather than detailing how I made the tassels, I will just direct you to this great tutorial I used by Anna of Crafting Fingers.


They are almost as addictive as making pom poms!


Then I just tied the tassels onto my bike basket with a knot. Simple!

DIY-Tassel-Bicycle-BasketLuckily the sun was out when I popped out to take these photos by the river, but it sure was windy!

Cat-Bicycle-Bell Do you think I should add any more to the sides of the basket? I think it might need more….


What do you think? I am really looking forward to sunny bike rides at the weekends when the weather picks up. I’ve also been inspired by Lisa and have decided to take up roller skating as a new hobby. Wish me luck!




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