DIY Copper And Wood Jewellery Bowls

Sorry guys, I’m not over my spray paint obsession. Or my copper one.DIY-Wood-and-Copper-Jewellery-Bowls

It doesn’t take much to add the metallic trend to these Copper and Wood Jewellery Bowls, so it feels a bit silly to call them a DIY. Regardless, here’s what you’ll need…..


Cover the outside of the bowls with the painters tape. Or the inside if you prefer your bowls to be copper on the exterior.


Spray the inside of the bowls with the copper paint. I like to spray paint inside a cardboard box (you can see I also used this one for my coaster DIY). When spray painting, use light coats allowing them to dry in between.DIY-Wood-Copper-Jewellery-Bowls-Spray-Painting

If you have sparkly copper sneakers, be sure to wear them whilst crafting 😉Spray-Painting-DIY-Projects

Once the bowls are dry, remove the painters tape and pop your jewellery in! An optional step would be to add a coat of Mod Podge to give the bowls a more varnished feel.DIY-Wood-Copper-Jewellery-Bowls

My handmade jewellery pieces are from onetenzeroseven (flower earrings) and My Mini Munchies (heart necklace).Wood-And-Copper-Jewellery-Bowls

You could use these as tea light holders instead of jewellery storage. I’d love to know what ideas you have for using these copper bowls.Make-Your-Own-Copper-Jewellery-Bowls

Are you loving the metallic trend as much as me? I might have to start a Pinterest board now…



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5 thoughts on “DIY Copper And Wood Jewellery Bowls

  1. Simple and yet last time I tried it I ended up calling professional house cleaners.. oopsie ;D Aside from this I absolutely love coper shades too, nothing bad in your obsession. It’s beautiful

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