The Curiosity Project 2015

Last month I signed up for The Curiosity Project for the second time. Founded in summer 2011 by stylist Tiffany Grant-Riley, the project aims to connect lovers of nostalgia and to share meaningful snail mail.

Senders curate a box of goodies that tell a ‘story’ or connect via a theme. With a £20 limit per box and no edible items included, the challenge is a broad one.

I decided to curate a box of lacy, coral themed items for my recipient, all packaged in a glittery box.The-Curiosity-Project-Claireabellemakes

You can get inspiration from the hashtag #curiosityproject to see what has been sent and received.The-Curiosity-Project-Coral-Box Crochet-Trim-Wooden-SpoolThe sender of my box seemed to get it spot on. I am a big tea fiend and she had taken the time to decorate a mug and include a collection of heart themed goodies to match. A hand illustrated puzzle was a wonderful touch. Each item was wrapped in tissue from colours of the rainbow, to be opened in turn.

A hand written card was enclosed and I felt truly spoiled via this wonderful snail mail project. The candle had come in a jar which unfortunately smashed in the mail though! Naughty postman.The-Curiosity-Project-Box-Tea-themedWhat makes this project different is the creative element. Finding a ‘story’ for the items is a thoughtful challenge and I am so pleased I was able to take part once again. Some participants are even sending their second or third boxes!

You can find out more about The Curiosity Project here.



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