Productivity For Busy People #1

This year, my plan is to be as productive and efficient as possible. As I work full -time and run this blog and my shop, free time is scarce. I hardly ever have weekends off and I have a boyfriend, a cat and a house to look after. A social life is last on the list. Basically I am BUSY, but I love it. I am working on decluttering, planning and organising throughout January.

So, why am I sharing this? I’ve decided to start a series of posts around the topic of productivity. I’ll be learning more about how to GET THINGS DONE, and will keep you guys up to date with tips and advice along the way.


These posts will be relevant to anyone. Whether you are a small business owner like me, a busy Mum, or an organisational slob, I will share something that you can relate to and try out. There will be a couple of guests sharing their wisdom too!

Today’s post is a round-up of some resources and articles I have found which will help kick start your personal productivity.

Do you have any questions about productivity? Or perhaps there are areas you’d like me to cover in this series? Do leave a comment below and hopefully I can help!



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10 thoughts on “Productivity For Busy People #1

  1. Oh productivity as a solopreneur! A big topic for me so thank you for sharing your tips. I’m crazy about analysing what I’ve done and keeping the momentum going. I constantly plate spin, family life with my start up creative business and being a landlord so any tips would be greatly appreciated! I love it, it works for us.
    Could you feature measuring your own successes on a week by week basis?
    Cheers, Samantha

  2. Oh this is perfect timing. I am really trying to focus on where I spend my time. As my design business grows I find it increasing hard to juggle everything.

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