Crochet With One Sheepish Girl

There’s something exciting about a blogger releasing a book. A hard copy of their content which can’t be edited or removed and can be enjoyed offline at any time. I treasure my craft book collection and Crochet with One Sheepish Girl is already a favourite on my shelf.Crochet-With-One-Sheepish-Girl-Book-Review

I have read Meredith’s blog for years now and count her as an inspiration for crochet, photography and lifestyle. Her blog is honest and beautiful and the book echoes that entirely. If you are also a follower of Meredith’s blog, you will know she has come on quite a journey of self discovery and this book makes me feel proud to be a reader of hers.

The book begins with some comprehensive guides for beginners showing basic stitches, embroidering on crochet, french knots and adding zippers and lining. There is a short section on spray blocking and clear, bright photos alongside.

One-Sheepish-Girl-Crochet-BookPersonally, I like books that are split into sections (like Kat Goldin’s Hook, Stitch & Give) and Meredith gives us super cute patterns for Wearing, Living and Giving. Particular favourites include this sweater makeover and some teacup shaped coasters.

Crochet-Projects-For-The-Home-Cushion-PatternEach pattern is clear and the photography is simple and in keeping with Meredith’s style. The overall feel of the book is bright and playful and in my opinion aimed at beginner and intermediate crocheters.

I tried the crochet edging for cards project with a button card I had. There are pretty illustrated cards and templates in the back of the book for copying, enlarging and crocheting with.

Crochet-Edge-Cards-One-Sheepish-GirlIt may feel as though I only ever publish good book reviews here, but I think bloggers are excelling when it comes to publishing at the moment and this book is no exception.

Crochet One Sheepish Girl was in my Amazon pre-orders for a long while and was definitely worth the wait. Congratulations Meredith!




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