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Today’s post is something a little different, you may have guessed from the title. Here’s where I pretend to be a fashion blogger and share with you my outfit of the day (links at the end!).

I’m not a big fan of having my photo taken, but I thought it might be nice to share some more shots from my recent photoshoot.

We started at Kings College with Florence in tow. It was a bit warmer then so I could get away with the bare legs!

Cambridge-Landmarks-Claireabellemakes I promise I do usually wear a helmet, but for this super quick cycle for the photo I didn’t. I keep meaning to invest in one of these bike skirt clips as I mainly wear frocks.


I adore my Cambridge Satchels. This mint coloured satchel was a 30th birthday gift and I had it embossed for free with a little bicycle during Tour De France week. All their satchels are made in the UK.


I shared this photo as part of the Cambridge Satchel Company #CSCspotted competition recently. I find their business story totally inspirational and often see the company branded car around the city. 

Claireabellemakes-#CSCSpottedI’m totally gutted that these Swedish Hasbeen sandals broke last week. Wah! Even the shoe mender said there was nothing he could do as the leather has split. I have never actually felt so attached to a pair of shoes in my life, but I’ve worn these all summer and wanted to get some Autumn wear out of them too as they are super comfortable. Sad face.

It couldn’t be an outfit post without getting my handmade accessories in there too!


I love this dress. I contacted an Etsy seller to make me an exact copy of a Topshop dress I had in a different print and she did it! Gotta love the handmade talent out there.



I hope you guys enjoyed this post even though it was a little different! Back to normal for the next couple of posts with some DIYs and a book review to look forward to.




 *Photos by Lucinda Price Photography
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6 thoughts on “Being A Fashion Blogger – Handmade Style

  1. LOVED this post Claire, so lovely to see photos of you and in such a pretty dress. You have fab style, you should consider showing it off more often! x

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