Photo shoot With Lucinda Price

As part of my recent rebrand, I decided to get some new headshots done for my about page. I teamed up with local photographer Lucinda Price to work on some fun shots around Cambridge and in my studio.

Lucinda really understood my brand well and took the time to plan the shoot with me beforehand. I had some idea of the shots I was looking for, but she had tons more and made it a super fun experience after my nerves went away.

Here’s a selection of the images! You may have seen this first one as my new profile photo across social media. I’m working away in my newly made over craft studio.




Tammy couldn’t help but get involved. There was yarn around after all…..


We dodged the tourists by venturing out into the city bright and early. The river made for a perfect backdrop.



And of course the architecture had to feature in some of the shots. I’m actually balancing on a wall in this one!


We also had fun doing some silly shots. There are few jumping ones where my mass of hair behaved.


Some action shots on the bike along the pretty back streets.





I had to include a little outtake too. This guy spent ages trying to get over the bridge on his bike, then his chain fell off and he rolled back downhill. He was persistent and celebrated when he got to the top. Lucinda captured him at just the right moment and we cheered!

We had such a fun couple of days, even if it did culminate in a migraine or two for me. I’m so pleased with how the shots turned out and I’d love to know your thoughts.

Lucinda has been kind enough to offer Claireabellemakes readers a special discount for a shoot booked before 31 December 2014. You can find all the information here, but the offer covers new baby and family portfolios as well as business and personal images. Please quote Claireabelle14 when booking.




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14 thoughts on “Photo shoot With Lucinda Price

  1. They’re really lovely pics Claire. Well done Lucinda for such great photography, I may well have to take up the offer 🙂 x

  2. What a great photo shoot, beautiful photos! Your craft space is amazing – I wish mine was as pretty as yours. I noticed that you’re not wearing a helmet in your cycling shots. Do you not wear one? I wouldn’t consider going out on my bike without mine!

    1. Hi Nadine, thanks for asking! I always wear a helmet but for this shoot I only cycled that small section of the street so I didn’t wear it. The rest of the time I walked with my bike 🙂

      1. A customised helmet sounds great! I’ll take a look now. I really don’t like to see people riding without helmets. My brother had a crash & bumped his head & ended up having a stroke because if it. Would have been much worse if he wasn’t wearing a helmet – he is fully recovered now, thankfully!

        1. Oh gosh I’m sorry to hear that! Glad he is OK now though. Where I live in Cambridge so many people don’t wear helmets, it is awful. I see people with kids on tandems etc and they don’t even make the kids wear them!

  3. Thank you for your kind comments above about the photos – I’m sure you can imagine, with Claire’s clear sense of style and truly lovely personality the sessions were great fun and a pleasure to shoot, particularly as I got some ‘Tammy time’ too!
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